Coco Review

Coco Film

Pixar is one of if not the best animation studio in the business currently. Most of their catalog has the basic essentials to have that Pixar quality. It needs to have breathtaking visuals, a lot of heart, great characters, and make you feel all sorts of emotions. The newest Pixar movie, “Coco” not only hits this checklist but it excels them.g
“Coco” centers around Miguel (Anthony Gonzalez) and his family as they prepare for Day of the Dead. Day of the Dead is where dead relatives visit the living world for one night as they’re remembered. Now Miguel’s family hates music thanks to their great-great grandfather and bans him for pursuing his passion. After a fight, he mysteriously enters the land of the dead. With the help of his new friend Hector (Gael García Bernal) they must get him back or else he will be stuck there forever.
The visuals are not only appealing but they honestly take your breath away. Mexico feels so real and it’s blooming with a great culture. Then when Miguel gets to the land of the dead, it becomes jaw-dropping. It’s saying something that I wanted to pause the movie to take in each frame of this movie. It glows warm lights but it contrasts so well with (stats). Before the movie, they showed a tiny featurette of how much work went into the location and it was well worth it.
Not only is there warmth from the visuals but also from the family. La Familia is the main theme of “Coco” and how important it is. Getting it from not only the living but dead relatives really do enforce it. This feels like a real family and many of the members seem like your own. Especially the grandma who’s fierce, demanding but also does care for her family.
Besides family, another big theme is passion for your dreams. Now the point is made that your family should come before your dreams. This doesn’t mean there should be no drive for what you want to do. For Miguel, it’s music which his family disapproves. Just hearing the music in this movie is fantastic. I immediately downloaded the album on Spotify. So don’t be surprised if “Remember Me” wins Best Orginal Song at the Oscars
If you haven’t already seen “Coco” then it’s a must see. Not only is it a great Pixar film but it’s a great movie in general. There’s just this warmth about it that engulfs and makes you feel at home, just like family. If you can’t see The Last Jedi this weekend then this is a high priority.
Grade: A


“Justice League” Brings a Very Fun but Flaw Experience


It seems that fans were waiting for an entirely to see the original superhero team up. Even when the movie was in production, the reception of earlier DCEU movies and the family tragedy of the director, Zack Snyder had to face which resulted in reshoots done by Joss Whedon put doubt in people’s mind. Now that “Justice League” is finally here, we can finally get to see the team but with some flaws along the way.

After Superman (Henry Cavill) sacrifice at the hands of Doomsday, Batman (Ben Affleck) becomes inspired by his example. Sensing a world-ending attack coming, he teams up with Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) to find metahumans. With Aquaman (Jason Momoa), The Flash (Ezra Miller) and Cyborg (Ray Fisher) on their side, they must unite to save the world.

The biggest positive is by far the characters. It’s a shame that Ben Affleck might leave because he still remains the best live action Batman to date. He nails all angles of this character and even gets some funny lines in here. Just from a visual standpoint, the way he broods or is on a ledge, it’s like Zack Snyder ripped him from the comics.

Coming off the success of “Wonder Woman”, Gal Gadot is still on top. She has become the embodiment of her character. She interacts with the other league members with such compassion especially to Cyborg is heartwarming but when she fights, there’s nothing stopping her.

All of the new superheroes make a great impression that makes me want to view their respective solo movies. It’s interesting to see how all three members don’t seem like they fit into this world. They’re all held back by their trauma and actually makes them feel more human. It’s a nice tease to see them all which makes their future standalone movies even more exciting for the future.

Combined this with the score done by Danny Elfman and it becomes a DC fan treat. Now while I’m disappointed that Hans Zimmer and Junkie XL aren’t back, Elfman fills in some big shoes. He combines the old themes of Batman and Superman that doesn’t feel distracted then makes his own music that feels cinematic. Even the Zimmer and Junkie XL Wonder Woman theme gets a little remix.

Yet the story feels pretty choppy and rushed at times. It feels like a by the numbers situation with your bland villain trying to take over the world. It was revealed lately the Warner Bros wanted a tight two-hour movie but an extra scene or two to let the movie breathe would have really helped.

Visually the movie looks amazing, the CGI at times is horrible. This is when you can see the reshoots in action. Usually, it feels like the actors are behind a green screen and it’s very noticeable that you might be taken out of the movie. This movie should have been pushed back to clear up these shoots and not be rushed Also, let’s just say the mustache removing technology is really not good.

If you’re looking to have some fun then see “Justice League”. The characters are wonderful to see and have some great chemistry. Yes, the negatives are easily noticeable for a bit but the experience should over wash them. While it’s not the grand standard, this movie is very serviceable and has a lot of fun thanks to these characters.

Grade: B

“Thor: Ragnarok” Makes for Another Entertaining Marvel Film


“Thor: Ragnarok” marks the third film in the Thor franchise and the 17th film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While the first two Thor movies have been a little on the bland side, ”Thor: Ragnork” gives it a well deserve spice. Not only is this movie a beautiful action flick but a hilarious one as well that’s sure to entertain.
We see Thor (Chris Hemsworth) return to his home Asgard to find his brother Loki (Tom Hiddleston) has ruled in Odin’s (Anthony Hopkins) absence. When both of them try to find Odin, they instead find Hela (Cate Blanchett) a powerful figure that wants to destroy Asgard. After she breaks his hammer, he gets stranded on a junkyard planet, Sakaar where he finds the Hulk (Mark Ruffalo). Now he must get back to Asgard to stop Hela from annihilating his world.
The positive elements of Thor make a strong impression as the returning characters shine once again. Thor and Loki still command the screen with such charisma and humor. Along with familiar faces, we get some great new characters. Although not new to the MCU, Hulk brings some great energy to this movie. He’s amazing during fight sequences but what surprisingly is how much he gets to talk. To expand Mark Ruffalo acting chops in this movie, the filmmakers gave him a lot more dialogue when he’s the Hulk. This works out because he’s hilarious as there is more of a childlike simplicity to him that’s funny but a little heartwarming as well. Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie is definitely a standout as she has so much charm to her. Burden by her past, now she drinks and fights during her time. Hopefully, Valkyrie will come back in future MCU movies.
Jeff Goldblum as the Grandmaster is really good because he’s Jeff Goldblum. He can do any role and still bring his unique glamour that dazzles the viewer. It doesn’t hurt that they give him really good lines. Hela is a great villain that is not only interesting but with very threating. It’s the perfect balance that helps make her shine as one of the best villains in the MCU.
What helps makes this movie the strongest in the trilogy is they finally got rid of the weak elements in the previous two. That being the characters on Earth which took up a good chunk of time are finally gone. There’s no forced romance with Natalie Portman or awkward comic relief with Kat Dennings. We only spend around five minutes on Earth when the brothers try to find Odin and it’s very entertaining. The rest of the movie is either on Asgard or on the junkyard planet.
Besides the new characters that came, the director Taika Waititi brings a great new charge to this franchise. He’s known for more comedic movies like “What We Do in the Shadows” and “Hunt for the Wilderpeople” this is no exception. He fits naturally to the quippy and wisecracking atmosphere that Marvel set up. This movie is so funny at sometimes, you’ll crack up so hard that you need a breather. He helps strengthen the chemistry between all the characters in a way that you’ll care for everyone on-screen.
In a visual sense, “Thor: Ragnarok” is such a beautiful movie. (director) makes great use of the color wheel with bright neon colors. The splash of color and visuals becomes so good that you don’t even need sound, just the sight alone will entertain. It’s like a combination of old greek paintings, classic rock album cover art and neon.
The only criticize that comes to mind is bad CGI and green screen. It doesn’t happen too often but it occurs during some important scenes. During a critical scene early in the film, there’s some bad green screen that’s distracting. Either you’ll be invested in the drama or wonder why would they put something so off-putting in a scene.
Even with that flaw, “Thor: Ragnarok” is overall a great addition to the MCU. All of the positive parts from the previous two films are amped up and the new additions add to this magnificent movie. Check out this movie immediately.

Grade: B+


Survivor 35: Heroes v Healers v Hustlers Episode 5 Recap


Previously on Survivor: Cole decided to spill the beans about Jessica’s idol to everyone in the tribe. Ryan built a bond with Chrissy because of him giving her the super idol in the first episode. Levu lost the challenge which left Devon as the swing vote but in a surprise twist, he couldn’t vote thanks to a (dis)advantage. Before the votes were read, Joe played his idol and Alan was voted out.

Levu: Everyone is shocked about the blindside even Ashley who wasn’t the biggest fan of Alan. This leaves her not trusting Joe even more but currently, it’s two v two. Joe is ecstatic about the idol play he did and can’t wait to start more trouble.

Yawa: While building a fire, a bamboo stick popped up in the fire pit creating a starling sound. Ben freaks out and retreats to the ocean to relax. Now Ben is a soldier so that sound triggers some memories of his service. He explains that PTSD is a common thing with soldiers and thanks to his family, it helped him conquer his demons. Not only is he playing for himself but veterans to give them hope.

Reward Challenge: For the challenge, each person will have their legs and arms bound together making them more like a snake or snug. They must navigate balls to the end where they must make put all of the balls via basketball. The first tribe to win will get iced coffee and assorted pastries while second place will get just iced coffee.

The challenge starts and Desi immediately rips through the course. Everyone on Levu follows suit and gets all of the balls to the end. The other two tribes are neck and neck. Mike slows down but gets to the end while Ryan loses the ball down the hill. This buys Yawa a lot of time while Levu goes on to win. Ryan is continually failing with the ball as it keeps going down the hill. It doesn’t matter as Yawa wins the second part of the reward.

Levu: Everyone is so happy that they won the big reward (honestly it looks good). They all celebrate with a cafe buffet. After last tribal council, this reward really helps them out. Devon thinks about getting rid of Joe as he talks to Ashley about sticking together. Both of them agree that if they go to tribal council, they’re willing to go to rocks.

Soko: Ryan apologies for losing the challenge but he tries to go for his best asset, the social respective. He explains that as long as he makes people laugh and have a good time then it will help in the future. Roark feels she’s on the outs so she makes a bond with Ali. This works perfectly for Ali because she’ll need more numbers when the merge comes. She tells Ryan about what Roark said but he has other plans. He has formed a tight bond with Chrissy but Ali doesn’t want to work with her.

Yawa: Cole is still not having a good social game as his eating habits are getting on Lauren’s nerves. Jessica is still not trusting him so she turns to Mike as her new closest ally. They decide to look for the idol which Mike does get. This fulfills the prophecy in the first episode as Mike was telling us how he needs to find an idol. While Mike will build trust Jessica with this, the idol is all his.

Immunity: Immunity is back up for grab as the tribes must swim out to a boat to get three bags. They must navigate through the course to get their bags to the end. Once they’re at the end, the bags will be ripped up in order to get three balls. Those balls must go in their holes in order to win immunity.

Levu is struggling in the beginning as everyone is navigating the course while they’re still squeezing the bag through. Desi buys more time as she gets her bag fast. Soko is now in last place as the other two tribes start on getting their balls in the holes. Ashley works on the puzzle and gets the ball in. Soko gets started on the puzzle with Ali getting the first ball in. Chrissy jumps in but isn’t good at it. She refuses to give up her spot but it’s too late as the other two tribes win.

Tribal: Chrissy isn’t feeling good about going to tribal so she goes to Roark. She acknowledges that Roark is a dangerous player in her tribal and proposes an all girl alliance. Now according to Roark, this is the first time that Chrissy is talking strategy with her. Chrissy spins this as Roark was making an all-girl alliance and tells JP and Ryan about this. Ryan becomes the swing vote and ponders on voting out Chrissy or Roark?

At tribal, Chrissy and Ali immediately go at it because of the immunity challenge. People start blaming Chrissy for losing the challenge and Roark tells her that now she starts talking to me. Chrissy brings up that Roark also didn’t approach her as well but everyone else in the tribe has. The voting begins as it becomes a 2 v 2 for Roark and Chrissy. With the final vote, Roark is voted out of the tribe.

Survivor 35: Heroes v Healers v Hustlers Episode 4 Recap


Previously on Survivor: Chrissy managed to get herself on the top while Ashley and Ben continued to argue and be at the bottom. Jessica and Cole grow closer romantically to the point where Cole reveals that Joe has an idol. The Hustlers lost the challenge and were deciding on Lauren or Patrick. Ultimately they decided on Patrick because of his unpredictability and behavior.

Tribe Swap: Before the challenge, we hear those famous words “everybody drop your buffs.” That’s right, it’s time for a tribe swap. Everyone grabs a hidden buff and reveal the new tribes. The new tribes are…

  1. Levu: Ben, Ashley, Desi, Joe, and Devin
  2. Soko: Ryan, Ali, Chrissy, JP, and Roake
  3. Yawa: Cole, Jessica, Lauren, Mike, and Ben

With no time to waste, we get into our reward challenge. Three members of each tribe will be attached to a rope and must untangle themselves while going through a course. They will then use the rope to hook a sled and pull it back to them. The other two tribe members will use the shed to solve a puzzle. The winning tribe will get a feast of PB&J sandwiches with an individual bag of chips. Everyone is close but Yawa is in the lead. Levu becomes tangled up and slowly falls behind. Yawa gets in the lead and solves the puzzle.

Yawa: Ben is a little worried because he’s the only Hero in the tribe. Yet he doesn’t dwell on it and tries to bond with his new tribe. Everyone is enjoying their feast but Jessica notices something in her chips, a secret advantage. Hell, she almost ate it but thankfully not. This advantage involves blocking another vote at the next tribal council. If Yawa wins then she must give it to one person on the losing tribe. She tells Cole and Mike which maybe wasn’t the best option. Cole quickly tells everyone and by god he needs to shut up.

She tells Cole and Mike which maybe wasn’t the best option. Cole quickly tells everyone and by god he needs to shut up. Lauren wants to swing Mike to her side so they can have the majority. Mike is pissed and tells Jessica that everybody knows about the advantage. Well, Cole confesses that he told Ben and she keeps her feelings of betrayal inside her.

Soko: Roark is also like Ben because she’s the lone Healer. Ryan is excited because, in the first episode, he gave Chrissy the temporary super idol. He tells her what happened and she is thrilled about this.

Levu: Ashley isn’t happy because Alan is on her tribe. Instead of being out, Devon becomes the swing vote between the 2 healers and 2 heroes. Joe is nervous and approaches him about joining them in the next vote. He makes up a lie that the Heroes want Devon to go home.

Immunity: The challenge involves each tribe racing to a large crate of puzzle pieces. Next, they have to move the crate through the challenge. Once they reach the finish, they will unlock their second set of puzzle pieces. Then everybody must work together to make a giant puzzle. The first 2 tribes to win will be safe while the losers will go to tribal council. Yawa quickly goes through the obstacles and finish their puzzle. Soko finishes right behind them and wins.

Tribal: Devon is in a good position of the swing vote for this upcoming tribal. Ashley talks to him and he tells her that Joe said the heroes want him out. Now he really doesn’t trust Joe. Desi sees this and Joe thinks about playing an idol at the next vote. Well, Alan and Joe become very paranoid and throws Desi under the bus. Joe tries to calm her down and Desi tells him to play the idol for her. Tribal will get more tricky because Devon gets the advantage from Jessica.

At tribal, Alan immediately gets into it and tells about Joe being crazy after their loss. Although he appreciates Joe’s honesty, one of the healers will be going home. The point of 6 healers still being in this game is a good one. Devon acknowledges he’s the swing vote and opens up the secret advantage. Well, it actually becomes more of a disadvantage because now he can’t vote. Then Joe plays his idol for himself and manages to get two of the votes blocked. Which means Alan is voted out.


Survivor 35: Heroes v Healers v Hustlers Episode 3 Recap


Previously on Survivor: Alan is trying to break up the power couple of Ashley and JP but Krissy is navigating her way to the top. Cole helped Joe find an idol while the Hustlers lost the immunity challenge. While Patrick was being annoying, Simone is voted out because she didn’t bring anything to the tribe.

Hustlers: Ryan is talking to (name) about how Ali should be trusted and Lauren will be the target. Lauren is scared that she’s on the outside because everyone is in a similar age range while she’s the mom. Although she is a target, Patrick still has a bullseye on his back. Everyone is a bit scared of the comment he made at tribal about him not trusting some people. Ali still wants to work with Patrick because he’ll be a number but is afraid of the bad social game he has at the moment. He’s been acting really suspicious as Ryan thinks he is looking for an idol. Patrick confirms this as he doesn’t hide this fact at all. Ali acts as his PR manager and tells him to be better in the tribe.

Heroes: Chrissy is in the prime place with Ben as the rest of the four have to work with them. They’re deciding who would be the best target: JP or Alan? Alan is a hot head while JP is clueless. Well, one thing is for sure, Ashley definitely wants JP around. Currently, he has become the provider and Ashley thinks he looks good while doing it. She tries to campaign to Ben about the value that JP has. This backfires because now Ben thinks Ashley and JP could be in a power couple.

Healers: Currently, the Healers are the best functionally tribe. They have great chemistry with each other and a winning streak. Joe is happy because he has everyone thinking Mike has the hidden idol. The one thing he’s worried about is Cole and Jessica hanging out too much. She’s crushing hard with Cole and the feeling is mutual. In fact, Cole reveals that Joe actually has the idol, not Mike. Well, Jessica is ecstatic that she knows Joe’s secret. So happy that she gives him a kiss on the cheek (insert sitcom laugh track woohoo sound). Cole isn’t happy that Joe has the power so he decides if the Healers go to tribal, they’ll blindside him. Then he word vomits to Roark that Joe has the idol which Jessica is a little pissed at. He should have talked to Jessica instead of telling someone else.

Immunity: The immunity challenge involves each tribe to race through a series of obstacles. They must grab sandbags to knock over blocks then solve a puzzle using those blocks. Besides immunity, the first tribe to win will win chickens while the second tribe to win will get some eggs. The last place will go to tribal council.

Every tribe is close at first until the Heroes get a slight lead. While Ben is knocking over blocks, Patrick and Cole come right behind. Ben switches with JP to keep their lead. Joe comes in while Patrick continues for the Hustlers. Patrick is slowing down while the other two tribes get all of their blocks down. He finally gets the block down while the other two tribes are making progress. The Healers think they have it right but one block is left out. This gives the Heroes and Hustlers more time on their puzzle. While the Heroes get first place, the Hustlers fail to win as the Healers comeback for a second place win.

Tribal: Patrick is disappointed in himself because of his performance with the blocks. He acknowledges that Lauren is pissed off at him. It becomes awkward between them as they talk about the challenge. She’s upfronted that he knows that the target won’t be him. He tries to say no but according to her, gingers aren’t good at lying. Once again, it’s up to Devon and Ryan to decide who will go home.

At tribal, the discussion turns towards Patrick performance at the challenge. Lauren is pissed because she could have done it. Ali spins this as a hypothetical situation because who knows if they would have won. Talk turns to Patrick publically trying to find an idol and Patrick tries to spin it as Lauren was trying to find it as well. Devon will vote on fixing the chemistry in the tribe. The voting ends up blindsiding Patrick as he’s the latest castaway voted out.

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Blade Runner 2049 Review


It’s always a tricky situation with sequels in general but it becomes a different ballgame when the movie is released after a long period of time. We’ve seen movies like Dumb & Dumber 2 and Terminator: Genysys fail so hard that they take enjoyment out of the original movies. When a sequel for Blade Runner was announced, many fans were nervous that it would not only be bad but ruin a masterpiece. Well, fans don’t have to worry because Blade Runner 2049 is another beautiful sci-fi masterpiece.

Usually, I would give a brief synopsis of the movie but this shouldn’t be the case here. Right from the first two minutes, there are spoilers that the marketing team keeps hidden. Throughout the movie, it just keeps revealing things that you didn’t even know. Kudos to the marketing team for not spoiling an amazing movie. With that, I’ll try my hardest to not reveal anything detail out.

Director Denis Villeneuve does an amazing job taking the Blade Runner world feel similar but different. That visual style is still present here and it’s done wonderfully done. Yet Denis adds a bit more that makes this into such a visual treat. I can’t wait to buy the Blu Ray and pause for each frame. Yes, each frame is so beautifully done that it should be a work of art. From the striking colors to the placement of lighting, it remains one of the more visually pleasing movies of 2017.

If you should see it in theatres then definitely check out an IMAX screening. Not just because of the visuals but the score. Done by Hans Zimmer and Benjamin Wallfisch, the music really does match the visuals. The percussions booms so loudly that the IMAX speakers can handle it.

Everyone in the cast does a great job. Again I won’t spoil their roles because that would ruin the fun of it. Harrison Ford returning as Rick Deckard doesn’t feel half ass and slips back into the role after many years. The breakout performance has to go to Ana de Armas. Her arc is a pretty interesting one when you consider the role she plays.

Overall. Blade Runner 2049 is a fantastically done sequel that surpasses the original. Don’t read anything else as any details might ruin your enjoyment while watching it. Despite the long runtime, the movie goes at its own pace. Even if you were not a fan of the first Blade Runner, the sequel goes miles above the original. Go check out Blade Runner while it’s still in theatres.

Grade: A

Survivor 35: Heroes v Healers v Hustlers Episode 2 Recap


Previously on Survivor: Eighteen castaways are divided into three tribes; Heroes, Healers and Hustlers. Before they were sent off, Ryan discovered a super idol that was good for the first tribal council. Mike was trying to find an idol but was caught by Joe.  The Heroes lost the first challenge so Ryan gave it to Chrissy. She and Katrina were at the bottom of the tribe even as Alan made accusations against JP and Ashley of being a power couple. In the end, Katrina was voted out and Chrissy chooses not to use her idol.

Heroes: The Heroes are licking their wounds after Tribal. Chrissy is very glad that so much conflict came up. Since she was at the bottom, there’s now a crack for her to rise up the totem ladder. Alan is feeling pretty confident about his position but little does he know, everyone is weary. Ashley tells everyone that this is what she’s been dealing with. Now even Ben is on the side that Alan is going crazy. Seeing her opportunity, Christy starts to make some big connections with most of her tribe. She first goes to Ashley, who is a decent player in her eyes. JP is dumb while Alan is far too risky. Her last option is Ben and they form a tight bond. Now Ben has shifted from Alan to Chrissy. Way to go girl!

Hustlers: The Hustlers are doing pretty good as Ryan tells us. His bond with Devon is going really well as they formed a tight bond. He says that everyone is doing pretty good except for Simone. She is doing one thing that you can’t-do early on, be weird. Being weird makes you stand out which means you become the target. She isn’t an outdoors gal and constantly complains to everyone. Ali sees Simone as a potential number in the long haul. Speaking of being weird, we go to Patrick freaking out about a crab on him. His strategy is the entertainer of the tribe but it gets annoying really fast. Lauren wants to say something but she knows that it will put a target on her. She confides to Ali who’s wondering what will happen to Patrick.

Healers: Like the Hustlers, the Healers are in a pretty good spot. Even Mike and Joe are getting along. Well, Joe still doesn’t trust Mike but is still friendly towards him. People still think that Mike has an idol but Joe tries to find it. He sees a clue on a tree but is puzzled by it. Cole joins him with the idol hunt and their teamwork helps Joe find the idol. Cole thinks this is a good start for them but Joe will cut him at any point if he uses the idol against him.

Challenge: Ryan sees that Chrissy is still safe and hopes to be around so he can form a connection. The challenge involves the tribes diving into the water to retrieve bags of puzzles. Once all collected, two people from each tribe must solve a signpost puzzle. The first tribe to win gets immunity and a big fishing kit, second place gives you immunity and a small fishing kit while the losers go to tribal.

Everyone starts diving in but the Heroes really fall behind. The Healers and Hustlers soon gather all of their puzzle pieces. The Heroes finally get theirs but this is a puzzle and time can definitely be made up. Healers are the first tribe to win while the Heroes are gaining some track. Every time the Hustlers think they have it, the signpost doesn’t fit. In the end, the Heroes make a comeback win while the Hustlers are going to tribal.

Tribal: Simone is worried that she will be voted out so her strategy is to change the narrative on Patrick. She complains that Patrick is out of control and Lauren is definitely on board. Yet Ryan, Devon, and Ali aren’t sure if getting rid of Patrick is the right move. However, they do acknowledge that Patrick is very unpredictable but good in the challenges.

At tribal, it’s clear that the vote will go down to Simone and Patrick. Simone argues that challenge performance isn’t a clear indicator of who should go home. Then Patrick says he trusts mostly everyone. Everyone is a little freaked out by this but he argues that it was an innocent mistake. At the vote, it’s clear that the Hustlers came together as Simone is voted out.

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Battle of the Sexes Review


One of the best types of sports movies is where the event actually happened. That’s the magic of film is when audiences can really know what happened and how important the event really was. Of course, it all depends on if the movie is good or not. With the Battle of the Sexes, it’s safe to say that this movie deserves all the buzz it’s been receiving.

Directed by Jonathan Dayton and Andrea Riseborough, Battle of the Sexes is all about the tennis match between Billie Jean King (Emma Stone) and Bobby Riggs (Steve Carrell). What’s more pressing than the actual match is their own issues of the court. Billie is trying to fight for women rights while Bobby deals with his own gambling addiction and legacy. All of this pressure amounts to one of the most televised tennis matches of all time.

Even the movie is about the match, the real star is Emma Stone who delivers an Oscar considered performance. She makes Billie Jean King feel more like a relatable person than a tennis icon. Seeing King trying to fight for equal rights was very empowering to see. Mostly from Stone’s performance like when Billie saw Bobby beating a female opponent in a match. Just seeing the camera slowly zooms in on Stone’s face as there’s a mixture of pain and anger. Then getting what’s going on in her personal life was interesting as she discovers her sexuality. It’s such a powerful performance that’s worth the ticket.

Thankfully everyone else is pretty good. Steve Carrell gives a great performance as Bobby Riggs. I was surprised on how likable he was and felt myself almost rooting for him. The whole male chauvinist pig act was mostly an act (he’s not overtly sexist as some other characters) and tries to support his family. Sarah Silverman was unrecognizable as Gladys Heldman. Herself and Carrell are really doing a great job on taking on some more dramatic work to their filmography.

It’s interesting how they made tennis seem so thrilling. I’m not a tennis fan as it’s just the ball going back and forth. Jonathan Dayton and Andrea Riseborough did such an effective job of heightening it up. Even with the motivations of Billie and Bobby, everything from a technical standpoint was great. The thrilling music, dramatic lighting, the diatic sounds of the ball getting hit, and the camera work really made tennis a life or death match.

Battle of the Sexes is a film that you must see. If you’re into seeing which films might get some nominations then this is the film for you. Emma Stone is a guaranteed nominee while Steve Carrell might get one as he definitely deserved it. Everything else is so good that makes this movie worth more viewings in the future. If you have a chance, definitely see Battle of the Sexes.

Survivor 35: Heroes v Healers v Hustlers Episode 1 Rankings


Welcome to my power rankings of Survivor 35: Heroes v Healers v Hustlers! Every week I’ll take rank the cast to see who did well during their episode and their position going forward. Unfortunately, the premiere (usually extended) was just an hour long so most of the cast didn’t get a chance to shine. However, there’s still some good meat for a ranking. Keep in mind that this is just my opinion and your rankings may look different.


18. Katrina

Usually, the first boot gets a little more screen time but this isn’t the case for Katrina. She was in the minority and she got voted out. Simple as that.


17. Alan

Talk about overplaying in the first couple of days. Now he has the right to be suspicious but doesn’t make it public. Alan said that he might look like the crazy person, so why do it in the first place? Others aren’t painting the target as much as you’re doing it yourself.


16. Mike

While not necessarily overplaying, Mike seems to be on the outs. The conversation between him and Joe was mishandled by him. You could have developed some trust but Joe probably left even more distrusting of Mike. The Healers tribe look strong so Mike will be around for a bit.


15. Lauren

I have nothing to say, she wasn’t really in this episode.


14. Ashley

She was targeted by Alan because of the supposed bond between herself and JP. Ashley didn’t do herself any favors by getting into fights. If the Heroes go to tribal, there’s a strong possibility that Ashley gets voted out.


13. Simone

Just like Lauren, she’s another Hustler that didn’t get a lot of screentime. Can’t say anything more.


12. Jessica

For every hot guy, you need someone to fond over him. That’s all I can say about Ashley, she just has a crush on Cole. Now, who knows if this will become an actual showmance or just an innocent crush.


11. Cole

Well, we have our guy eye candy of the season (well besides Ryan). Cole is strong and bonded well with his tribe. I expect him to be at the merge.


10. JP

Well, that’s definitely one way to prove you don’t have an idol. Honestly, the naked strategy is a pretty good one but unfortunately for JP, he still has Alan. If Ashley is the next one to go, JP might be in the clear.


9. Desi

Just by a first glance, the Healers are a strong tribe so expect to see Desi around until the eventual tribe swap. Now if they do go to tribal, Desi is in a pretty good spot. You got Mike as a potential target but then Jessica and Cole being a potential showmance could make them a target as well.


8. Roark

She’s in the same exact position as Desi.


7. Patrick

Is it me or does Patrick remind me of the ginger kid from Pinnochio before he gets turned into a donkey? Just that kid, Patrick can be summed into one word, mischievous. Now Patrick isn’t in a bad spot but if his behavior gets wild to a point of annoyance, he could have a big target on his back.


6. Ali

Ali has some real potential to be the winner of the season. Now she doesn’t suck physically so that’s a good start. Lining up with Patrick (who yeah technically is familiar with him because they went to college together) was pretty slick. Judging from her job, Ali is going to dig deep and try to pull something off.


5. Chrissy

On the surface, Chrissy didn’t have the best episode with her throwing up at the challenge and being potentially the one to go home. Now her decision to not play the super idol is a good play. Yes, she would have saved an ally but that target becomes even bigger. Chrissy has the potential to become the swing vote between JP/Ashley and Ben/Alan at the next Tribal.


4. Devon

Just from the first episode, it looks like Devin/Ryan may have formed a JT/Stephen like bond. It’s always good when someone tells you a secret so they can earn your trust. Also, Devin looks strong so he’ll be good during the tribe section of the game and if his bond with Ryan sticks then expect him to go far.


3. Joe

Joe is sort of a puzzle to me because (for obvious reasons) he reminds me of Tony. While Tony is an erratic player, he’s still a really good one. Not sure if Joe is trying to mimic this but he does have some attributes down. Now his conversation with Mike is why he’s high on the list. Joe had the three c’s: cool, calm, and collected. If Joe can stay in the majority then he’ll be good for awhile.


2. Ryan

What a great night for Ryan! He found the super idol, build some good trust with Devon and had the right instinct when giving the super idol to Chrissy. My only concern is he might the first one out of the Hustlers because he appears weak. Judging from the premiere, Ryan has a lot of game in him.


1. Ben

By far the most level-headed member of the Heroes tribe. This guy was so smooth that he’s practically silky coconut oil. I mention that Chrissy might be the swing vote if the Heroes go to the next tribal but that can also be Ben as well. Even if he’s not, Ben is still in a great spot and has huge winner upside.

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