Big Brother 19 Episode 16 Recap


Previously on Big Brother: Jessica won the final Den of Temptation which granted her the power of the Halting Hex. This can stop an eviction which is good for this week and next week. She also won the Head of Household and nominated Ramses as the pawn and Josh as the target. However, Paul wanted Josh in the game so he turned the tide against Ramses. It ended up working with Ramses leaving the game and Paul won the HOH. While Julie was talking to everyone after the competition, Jessica vaguely revealed that she would be safe thanks to the temptation.

Trouble with the Showmances: Paul is mad because what Jessica said just messed everything up. He’s suspicious that Jessica is buffing and causes a stir in the kitchen. The reason why she revealed is to strong arm Paul into nominating another pair instead of Jody. While that is going on, Josh tells Elena she seemed shocked that he stayed. Elena is pissed off because she thought everyone was going to vote out Josh. Mark isn’t happy because he has to hear Josh for another week. He and Cody talk about how their outsiders in the game and is pissed off at Matt for the blindside. Meanwhile, Paul has a strategy talk and Jason tells him to put up Jody in order to reveal their buff. He’s ready to make big boy moves this week.

Bowlerina: Since Jessica accepted the temptation, a curse in the form of a competition is placed for three weeks. The winner will be safe for the week and the loser will be a third nominee. One by one, the houseguests enter the den to say if they want to compete or not. Cody wants to compete but Jessica wants the house to feel comfortable so they can trust them. The houseguests that compete are Alex, Matthew, Jason, and Mark. The comp is called Bowlerina with the goal of knocking down your bowling pins. There’s a gate which will drop if you spin 15 times. The fastest houseguest will be safe for the week while the loser will be the third nominee. Jason is terrible at this and keeps getting more dizzier as the time goes. Alex does good but everything relies on Mark losing. Luckily Mark has the best time so far. It’s up to Matthew to win but he falls short as Mark wins safety for the week.

Nominations: Paul needs to readjust his plan because of Mark’s safety. Jessica pulls Paul aside to talk about the temptation. She’s still being very vague about her power which just leaves Paul more confused. Paul’s side has a strategy session with Alex and Matthew volunteering as pawns. Ultimately Paul sticks to his original plan to nominate Jessica and Cody. Jessica shakes her head and Paul looks so puzzled by their reaction. The reason why he nominated them is to reveal this secret power.

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Big Brother 19 Week 4 Rankings


Welcome to my power rankings of Big Brother 19 where I rank the houseguests on how well they did and their place in the future. Keep in mind this isn’t based on who I like personally but strictly game based.


13. Ramses

Although it wasn’t his fault that he got on the block, Ramses should have fought back. It’s like he adapted the Jillian strategy when you’re on the block. He just did nothing for himself. On top of that, Ramses didn’t have a good social game and was always someone that the house didn’t trust. I’m just going to have a moment of silence for my winner pick.


12. Cody

Along with Jessica, Cody is to blame for Ramses going home. Although he’s adjusted to being back in the house, he made the same mistake back in week 1. He misread the house and now Ramses is out. Even know Jessica had a feeling about Josh staying, he shut that down and her HOH is wasted.


11. Mark

Ever since the Dominique talk show incident, trust in Mark has gone down. He’s just been wishy-washy with everyone. Now with fully back with Cody, it only has cemented his place in the minority. Hell Mark might be the target over Cody in the future which makes the Incredible Sulk sad.


10. Jessica

Oh, cmon Jessica, the stars were aligning for you. Not only did you win the HOH but also the veto. I get that you didn’t want to piss Paul off but really Josh was your target? Ok, fine target him but did you have to put up Ramses, someone who people want out over Josh? It’s just a wasted HOH week but you still have the halting hex.


9. Josh

Josh taunting Jessica and Cody is actually an ok love. Yes, it’s going to piss them off but the majority finds it entertaining. However that wasn’t his mindset, he just wanted to mess with them because they’re “meatballs”. If Paul goes far in the game then maybe he’ll be a final two goat.


8. Elena

She’s becoming a bit like Mark as this week is where the other houseguests are starting to not to trust her. Now she’s in the minority but won’t be targeted first so that’s a minor plus. Elena still has some ties and Paul can manipulate her which will put her in the jury phase.


7. Matthew

While he’s in an ok position, Paul has control over him. He’s willing to die for him and unless Matthew snaps out of it, he’ll always be a pawn.


6. Raven

See Matthew, it’s the same but she has an inverted disease.


5. Alex

Again she’s too close to Paul. I don’t know if she can snap out of it but she’s still in the majority. If Alex can actually listen to Jason then she would have a better shot at this game.


4. Paul

I’ve been giving Paul some grief since week 1 but he had a really good week. He should have gone home but thanks to Jody’s idiotic decisions, he’s safe. Although I wished he didn’t win HOH for week 5. Not because of the Halting Hex but Matthew or Raven would do his bidding without getting blood on his hands.


3. Christmas

It wasn’t a big week for Christmas, the most notable thing she did this week was the sympathy vote. Well, she told Jody about the sympathy vote and they’re not pissed at her.


2. Kevin

Kevin isn’t really playing both sides but he’s kind of is. He’s tight with Paul but Jody and Marelena seem to trust him. Also since Paul is now officially blaming Ramses for the 25,000 that Kevin took, it looks like he’s in the clear. He still has a great social game and is doing far better than I could have imagined.


1. Jason

Jason is the one houseguest that would be against Paul. The problem is he’s with Alex and she’s fierecly loyal to Paul. He has really good instincts about the game and if he acts on his own, Jason could take control of the house.



Atomic Blonde Review


One of the best parts about summer is the movies. A large majority of them fall into the fun dumb summer blockbuster category. That doesn’t mean it’s bad but you can distract yourself by turning off your brain and just enjoy the movie. Although Atomic Blonde isn’t really dumb, it still falls into that category. Set at the end of the Cold War, Lorraine Broughton is the top agent at MI6. She’s task on a mission to retrieve a watch that contains the entire list of spies and their aliases. Lorraine partners with s David Percival (James McAvoy) to navigate her way through a Cold War tense Berlin in order to retrieve the watch.

Critics have been calling this movie a female Jason Bourne or John Wick. They’re right but she’s just not that because Charlize Theron makes this her own character. Lorraine Broughton is a stone cold badass with a little bit of wit. The fact that she does her own stunts is incredible. Hopefully, this is the start of a franchise because that would be incredible.

Everyone else does a pretty good job. James McAvoy was charming as David and Sofia Boutella as Lorraine love interest. I wasn’t expecting depth to her character but surprisingly she does have a compelling story. Toby Jones and John Goodman were good as both MI6 and CIA heads. Even know the movie doesn’t have a lot of substance, the actors still do carry this movie. Even without the actors, there’s one element that makes Atomic Blonde standout.

What makes this movie stand out from other action movies this year is its identity. This film is splashed with fantastic neon colors against dull gray backgrounds. Loraine room was stunning to look at and really made me want to be in there with a Stoli and ice. Also since this is set in the 80’s, we get a killer 80’s soundtrack. It doesn’t feel forced and actually blends into the movie. But by far, the action is Atomic Blonde best quality. Nothing is outright choreographed and not only looks real but feels it too. In my book, that’s the best kind of action

Sadly the only criticism is the story. It seems simple at first but quickly gets confusing and dull. The story becomes harder to unravel and makes me yearn for more fights instead. Towards the end, it becomes more style than substance which is okay.

Overall Atomic Blonde is a movie you should see. It has some great fight scenes, beautiful neon colors, a fantastic 80’s soundtrack, and an amazing heroine. Despite the story taking a backseat, you’ll definitely enjoy Atomic Blonde!

Grade: B

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Big Brother 19 Episode 15 Recap


Previously on Big Brother: Jessica got the final temptation in a form of the Halting Hex. She can stop any eviction in the next four evictions and a curse will be unleashed. During the HOH competition, Josh tried to imitate Cody and Jessica but it didn’t work as Jessica won. She nominated Ramses as a pawn and Josh as the target. However, Paul wants to keep Josh so he started a campaign to keep him here. Jessica won the veto and decided not to use it.

The Blindside is Approaching: Jessica decided not to use the veto because she doesn’t want to ruffle any more feathers. However, Paul is already forming a blindside with Matthew, Raven, Alex, Jason, Kevin, and Christmas are planning to vote out Ramses. With Mark and Elena, they won’t be told about the plan because they’re close with Cody and Jessica. What makes it even stranger is now they’re close to Jody unlike week 2 and 3. Although Josh is excited about the blindside, Paul tells him to relax and act like you’re going home. He dons the Audrey from BB17 look complete with a blanket, a hoodie, and sunglasses.

Marlena: Mark and Elena have been really close to Jody this week. So far they don’t know about the Ramses plan. While playing pool, Paul and Mark talk about the game. Mark mentions how he and Elena have a clean slate with Jody and Mark doesn’t respect neutral players in this game. Paul is flabbergasted in the diary room and immediately goes to Matthew and Raven with this information. Raven is pissed and now Marlena is on their radar.

It’s the Boston Connection: Jessica and Kevin talk outside and she mentions how he’s the only one that they fully trust. Not wanting to lie to him, Jessica does mention in limited details about her temptation. Now he feels conflicted about keeping the Ramses blindside a secret from Jessica so he mentions to her that the “kid with glasses” is going home. Jessica flips out to Cody because she had this feeling that Ramses would go home. Both of them talk to everyone in the house about the vote but no one slips up.

Eviction: It’s almost time to vote, with the two nominees saying their last words. Ramses talks about how fun it is in the house and everyone should be aware of the jury so who do you want in this house? Josh talks about his family and how he loves everyone except for two meatballs (Jody).

  • Cody votes for Josh
  • Jason votes for Ramses
  • Alex votes for Ramses
  • Mark votes for Josh
  • Elena votes for Josh
  • Kevin votes for Ramses
  • Matthew votes for Ramses
  • Raven votes for Ramses
  • Christmas votes for Ramses
  • Paul votes for Ramses

By a vote of 7-3, Ramses is evicted from the Big Brother house. Mark and Elena are blindsided by this. During his interview with Julie, Ramses mentions how he knew Paul was running the house. He tried to campaign to stay but no one was really interested. He gets to watch video messages with Jessica saying she’s sorry that he’s out, Josh is happy that he’s still in, Paul talks about Josh is less of a strategic threat, and Kevin still wants him for Thanksgiving.

Inked & Evicted: The previous night, photos of Cameron, Jillian, and Dominique appeared on the memory wall. All three of them have tattoos on them and for this HOH, the houseguest must answer questions about the tattoos.

  • In the first round, Elena is eliminated
  • In the second round, Mark, Alex, Cody, Kevin, and Josh are eliminated
  • Everyone stays for the third and fourth round
  • In the fifth round, Christmas and Jason are eliminated
  • In the sixth round, Matthew and Raven are eliminated
  • Paul is the new HOH!

Jessica Drops a Bombshell: After the competition, Julie asks some questions to the houseguests. It’s casual until Julie asks Jessica how she feels about this week. Jessica vaguely reveals that she got the final temptation and can keep herself and Cody in the game. Julie is stunned and can’t say anything more to the houseguests. Also, she finally reveals the curse that comes with the Halting Hex. It’s called the Temptation Competition which the houseguests can optionally play. The winner will be safe but the loser will go up as a third nominee.

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Big Brother 19 Episode 14 Recap


Previously on Big Brother: After Cody won the Battle Back competition, Jessica briefs him on the Halting Hex. At the HOH competition, Josh was trying to psych them out but it didn’t work as Jessica won the Head of Household. She nominated Ramses as a pawn and Josh as a target.

Vet-Splaining: Josh tearfully retreats into the bathroom for a crying session. Christmas catches him and gives a pep talk about how he should let out his feelings then turn on the game face. This turns on the fire in him and makes Josh determined to win veto. WHile talking to Elena, Jessica tries to see if the plan is still going to work. Paul walks in and shuts that down because they need to wait until after veto to ask that according to him. Yet while he’s talking to Alex and Jason, Paul wants to keep Josh in the house because he’ll be a distraction and a number.

Christmas and Cody Bond: In the kitchen, Cody and Christmas talk about NASCAR. She casually drops the story about the first woman pit crew member and guess what … it’s Christmas. Cody is shocked by this and becomes, even more, investment in this story. Christmas is proud that be one of the females in a male dominated sport while Cody is proud of trying to build better bonds with people.

Juicy Blast: It’s time to pick players for the veto competition. Jessica gets houseguest choice which she picks Cody, Josh gets Jason, and Ramses picks Christmas. The competition is a classic since BB16. The players are employees at a juice bar and they’re shown a sequence of ingredients. They’re task to find a specific one and put it in their drink. If they’re right then the drink is good but if it’s bad then the drink explodes. Everyone has their own little strategy of re-memorizing the ingredients. Christmas feels confident … until she gets it wrong and her drink explodes. In the second round, Jason, Ramses, and Josh are eliminated. Not wanting to ruin Jessica’s hair, Cody intentionally picks the wrong ingredient and Jessica wins the veto.

Meatball is Staying Just a Bit Longer: Paul pulls Josh in the storage room to tell him to lay low and act like you’re going home. The house is setting up a blindside for Jessica and Cody when Josh doesn’t go home instead of Ramses. Paul informs Matthew and Raven about the blindside when Ramses comes in. He’s nervous but Paul shuts him down. While Jessica is straightening her hair, Ramses tries to see where her head is at but she won’t use the Veto. Jessica does the rounds of making sure Josh is going home which everyone agrees. Yet there’s an uneasy feeling she has and wants to use the veto on Ramses and put up Alex. Cody says she’s being way too paranoid and tries to calm her down.

Veto Ceremony: It’s time for the ceremony which means the nominess try to give their last plea. Ramses compliments her about the HOH and Veto wins while Josh is still acting like he’s going home. Jessica doesn’t use the veto and Paul thinks this is the dumbest move ever.

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The Big Sick Review


It’s refreshing in the summertime to see a romantic comedy in a sea of blockbusters. Now with some people, they’re immediately turned off by romantic comedies because it’s a tired formula. Boy meets girls, some jokes thrown in, a fight happens and then the makeup. Now I’m not jaded by the genre but if you are, The Big Sick is the movie for you. This film definitely is different from the formula and helps to become of the best romantic comedies in recent years.

Directed by Michael Showalter, The Big Sick is an autobiography story about Kumail (as himself) working as a uber driver to support his stand up career. He tries to appease his Muslim family by honoring their culture and accept an arranged marriage. This all changes when he meets Emily (Zoe Kazan) at a bar and pursues a relationship. It all goes well until Emily gets sick and has to go into a medically induced coma. Along with Emily parents (Ray Romana and Holly Hunter), he must navigate his life with all of the troubles on his back.

By far the best thing in this movie is Kumail Nanjiani performance. There are tons of great things on-screen but Kumail makes his presence known. He’s often seen in a lot of supporting roles so to see him in a leading role is great. Only only does he bring some great laughs but also the dramatic moments as well. After the coma, the movie is really carried by him. He’s just so charming and has great chemistry with everyone.

His relationship with his parents stands out because of their in-depth tackle of Pakistan culture. It’s something we don’t see a lot of Hollywood movies, let alone romantic comedies. It’s not done as a joke which is refreshing. It’s an honest look at this culture which not a lot of people including myself have experience with. On top of that, his family is also pretty funny. In the second half, we get to see him bond with Emily’s parents. They’re pretty good with Ray Romano surprising me with it came to the dramatic scenes. We’ve seen Holly Hunter handle that fantastically (she showcases it in this movie) but I honestly can’t think of a dramatic role from Ray Romano.

But most importantly, it’s him and Emily who’s the crux of the movie. Like all romantic movies, if the relationship doesn’t work then the movie work. Luckily this relationship was great to see and had me root for them. Their chemistry just flies off the screen with each scene. When she’s in the coma, their relationship is still felt even know she’s not present. The fact that relationship is real in reality but feels so authentic in the movie is why it works. It doesn’t feel like two actors reading lines but more of we’re watching a real relationship play out.

If you’re tired of romantic comedies then you must see The Big Sick. Not only is it really funny but the romance is the best I’ve seen this year. There’s something so authentic not only with the relationship but with everything else like how they talk about Pakistan culture. It’s still playing in theaters and I highly recommend you go see it.

Grade: A

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Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets Review


Directed by Luc Besson, in the 28th century, there is a space station called Alpha that has thousand different cultures working together in harmony. Agents from the government, Valerian (Dane DeHaan) and Laureline (Cara Delevingne) work together to maintain order throughout the territories. The duo goes to Alpha when an attack from an unknown species happens and steals Arün Filitt (Clive Owen). Valerian and Laureline must find the species and rescue the commander to stop what’s jeopardizing the future of Alpha.

Easily the best part that should make you want to see Valerian is the visuals. There’s so much detail on screen and is overflowing with creativity. The attention to all of the sets and different species could be its own thing. Pair those visuals with the very nice music done by Alexandre Desplat and it’s magical. There isn’t a moment where an image feels bland. Especially those beach scenes which really feels like a paradise similar to Eden but tropical. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind the movie to about exploring the city of a thousand planets and checking out a chunk of different alien culture.

Sadly the movie is about Valerian and his confusing adventures. The story is all over the place and is stuffed with filler. There are moments that are not only are jarring but it’s just a waste of time. Take Rihanna character, for example, she didn’t need to be there. If you cut her out of the movie then it will leave no impact. Why have filler even know the movie is over two hours long. It could have been tighter and actually focus on the main story instead of pointless detours. Even know the actors try their best but the script ways them down. The love story is so out of left field because Valerian wants to marry Laureline but it just came out of the blue. We knew nothing about their relationship so why do we care about them.

Yeah, we get some exposition on them but it’s some of the worst I’ve ever heard. In fact, all of the exposition whether it was about Alpha or some of the characters was flat-out terrible to hear. It’s like they’re reading stats off a really long baseball card. It’s more of the script just dumping all of the information at once instead of using subtlety. At one point some of the people were laughing because it was that bad. The scene was the dramatic point of the movie but the dialogue ruined it to the point where the audience was laughing at how bad it was. The script should be the navigator but instead, the movie sinks because of it.

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets is unfortunately bad because it had so much potential to be more. The script really does bog down this movie with its horrible exposition and too much filter. The visuals are the only thing worth seeing but I would wait until it becomes available to rent.

Grade: C-

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Big Brother 19 Episode 13 Recap


Previously on Big Brother: During a fight between Mark and Josh, Jessica threw herself into the mix. She accused Josh of being dishonest and Josh fought back because of her actions with Cody. For the last temptation, Jessica won the power of the Halting Hex which means she can stop an eviction for the next four weeks. After Dominique was voted out of the house, the Battle Back competition became. Cody won the Battle Back and now is back in the house.

Let’s Play Catch Up: Everyone but Jessica is happy that Cody is back. She pulls him into a room for some kissing and strategy talk. If they win HOH, Josh is one of the main targets because he’s going after them. We flashback right before the vote when Josh was harassing Jessica so he can get in her head. She feels good about Jason and Kevin as potential allies. The cherry on top is the Halting Hex which has Cody absolutely shocked and excited. The only thing that Cody has to agree on is he has to play as a team and can’t go rogue again like he did in week one.

Back in Evictionville: We get out HOH competition which consists of the houseguests dressing up like traffic cops. They must stand on a platform and balance a red light with their hand. Each time a houseguest is eliminated, they can choose a punishment for someone still in the game. The last person left with their red light is the new Head of Household. Soon the majority of houseguests who are eliminated give punishments to Cody in order for him to drop. When Josh drops out, Cody makes a remark that sends Josh into a tirade. Now his goal becomes to taunt and annoy Jody out of the comp. Soon it comes down to Christmas and Jessica. Both of them are focused until Christmas drops her light which means Jessica is the new Head of Household. This is extra special because Jessica father who passed away, was a superfan so to have her win on his anniversary is nice.

Everyone Panics: Jessica was the last person anyone wanted to win HOH. Paul is concerned because he got rid of Cody and his safety is up. Josh is sure he’s going up because of obvious reasons. He tries to talk to Jessica but when Cody gets to her room, he tells Josh to get out. Raven and Matthew try to appease them by telling Jessica whatever she wants to hear. Mark and Elena try to repair their relationships to Jody but Jessica isn’t buying it. Cody talks to Paul who pretends to mend fences but privately neither buy it.

Nominations: Jessica tries to plan out for the future. Cody suggests she put up Ramses and Josh on the block. The reason why Ramses would be up because he has no one according to Cody. At the ceremony, Jessica nominates Josh and Ramses for eviction. She flat out tells everyone that Ramses is the pawn and Josh is the target.

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Top 5 Trailers from San Diego Comic Con (2017)


It’s that time of the year where all of the geekdom focuses one place, San Diego Comic Con. Big movie and tv studios showcase their upcoming slate to build up hype for the future. This means we get some announcements and a lot of trailers. So as comic con ends, I’ll be taking a look at the top 5 trailers from this year convention. This ranking will not only be what was the best trailer but what got me hyped for the project. So let’s start out with number five!



5. Ready Player One: Now I heard of the book and when Steven Spielberg was announced as the director, then I became entreat. Then this teaser came out and wow there is a ton of Easter eggs to unravel. What movie has the Iron Giant, Freddy Krueger, the DeLorean, Harley Quinn, and so much more. If this is what we got from just a teaser then imagine what a whole movie will look like. On top of that, we have a great instrumental of Pure Imagination and Tom Sawyer. This is definitely a movie I’ll keep my eye out for in 2018.

4. The Defenders: I have been such a huge fan of all the Marvel Netflix shows (even Iron Fist) so to see something that was announced in 2013, finally be here in 2017 is amazing. We get that badass monologue from Weaver which already makes her interesting as she describes how both sides of a war believe they’re good guys. But the main draw is just seeing the group dynamic between all four of them. There is so much fun chemistry within the group. It comes in less than a month and I’ll definitely binge it all.

3. Stranger Things: Another Netflix show is on the list and god I’m hyped. While I’m excited to see all of the characters together, the music really excels this into greatness. Using “Thriller” by Michael Jackson is absolutely genius. They manage to work all of the best parts into the trailer even Vincent Price great narration in the song. Hopefully, someone does the Thriller dance!

2. Thor: Ragnarok: Yeah it sucks that we didn’t get any other footage from the Marvel panel but this Thor trailer more than makes it up for it. It has great humor, action, and all of the colors stand out in a beautiful way. By far the highlight was Hela (actress). She stole ever second of screentime because she’s so charmingly wicked. Also when she said I’m the goddess of death, I squealed. Hopefully, it means she will be the “Death” that Thanks, purses. This would have been my most anticipated movie for November but my number one takes that spot.

1: Justice League: Now I don’t know if you can write a nerdgasm but believe me, I had a huge one watching the Justice League trailer. I’m a huge DC Comics fan and this seems like a dream coming to reality. Everyone does a great job that I can’t pick an MVP. Even know it’s 4 minutes long, it doesn’t feel drawn out. It leaves me desperately wanting more. Steppenwolf was shown for a bit and while Superman presence was felt, thankfully he didn’t show up. The music (hopefully done by Danny Elfman) is so triumph and epic. Actually to call this trailer “epic” would be an understatement. I’m counting down the seconds until November 18.

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Dunkirk Review


What’s magical about movies based on true events is you can learn something that you might haven’t known before. Now while movies do over extravagant the events for dramatic effect, we can always do the research after. The events of Dunkirk have never crossed my mind before until this I watched this beautiful movie. After seeing this, Dunkirk has been stuck in my mind, in the best possible way.

Directed by Christopher Nolan, Dunkirk is about how German forces have advanced into France, trapping Allied troops on the beaches of Dunkirk. Air strikes have rained on the beach as troops slowly and methodically evacuated from the beach using every serviceable naval and civilian vessel that could be found. Divided up into three parts (fighting in the sky, evacuating the beach, and the rescue in the ocean), we get see the troops trying to get out.

Don’t expect a lot of dialogue because Christopher Nolan intentionally used minimal dialogue. This doesn’t mean that the actors don’t add anything, in fact, it’s the opposite. Using body language and what little they have with their lines, this whole ensemble does a great job. Tom Hardy only has like ten minutes of screen time but he makes the best of it. Even Harry Styles, yes the former member of One Direction, not only gives a really good performance for just a singer but as an actor in general. My favorite character was Mr. Dawson (Mark Rylance) who wanted to save soldiers even know he’s just a civilian. A character that inspiring was so beautiful to see. There are so many actors to name who do such a great job despite the dialogue.

Speaking of beauty, if you have a chance to see this in the theater then please see it in IMAX. Yes, a ticket for an Imax showing does cost more money but this movie is well worth it. Nolan shot the majority of Dunkirk in IMAX cameras which really help the grand scope. Everything is absolutely stunning and helps to make you feel like you’re in the events of Dunkirk. He prefers to use practical effects and to see the scope of the sky, beach, or ocean and to know that it’s not CGI but actually real is really amazing to see you. There’s just a lot of detail that you need to appreciate in IMAX. From the wide shots of the ocean or beach to the tight claustrophobic scenes, Nolan makes this movie into a technical masterpiece.

Another huge part of that shouldn’t go under the radar is the sound. The sound adds to the overall experience that helps you feel like you’re there. Especially when you hear the bullets because that surround sound makes you feel like you’re there. It comes in loud and blaring but Nolan wanted you to feel that. If this doesn’t win best sound editing at the Oscars then I’ll be shocked. Pair with the sound is the score from Hans Zimmer which adds even more to the suspense. A recurring leitmotif that Zimmer uses is the ticking clock that is so simple but really effective.

After seeing Dunkirk, it left me speechless for a bit. This was an intense experience that was bleak yet beautiful at times. This is a masterpiece from Christopher Nolan that shows the aspects of war and helps you feel immersed in the experience. From the acting to the cinematography, Dunkirk is a movie that you need to see in IMAX.

Grade: A

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