Big Brother 19 Episode 17 Recap


Previously on Big Brother: Jessica won the final Den of Temptation which granted her the power of the Halting Hex. The Halting Hex can stop an eviction either for this week or next week. After Paul won the Head of Household, Jessica alluded to the power but other people doubted her. The final curse of the Den of Temptation can in the form of another competition which grants one houseguest safety while the loser will be the third nominee. Mark won safety while Jason became the third nominee. In order to call their bluff, Paul nominated Jody on the block.

Playing Coy: After nominations, Paul thinks he’s in the clear because nothing happened at the nomination ceremony. Jessica doesn’t care because of her power but still talks to Paul with Cody. He explains that he thought that they had the safety so what’s the point of nominating them. Again Jessica is playing very coy with her power which still is confusing Paul. He tells her to lower down their voices but Cody immediately goes on the defense and tells him to shut the **** up. It gets nasty so Jessica makes Cody leave the room and chews him out for poor social play. Cody doesn’t care which makes Jessica extremely upset.

A Song of Pots and Pans: Paul comes out of the HOH room to complain to all of his allies about Cody. This makes Josh go on a tirade about Jody which makes Mark upset. He doesn’t understand why Josh needs to get involved (which begs the question on why Mark is getting involved?). The tirade switches to Josh yelling at the top of his voice at Mark which becomes heated. It all climaxes when Josh takes the pot and pan, banging them together to annoy Mark. He rushes towards Josh and almost becomes violent so production tells them to go to opposite sides of the house. Cody takes Mark away and they talk about their sorrows in the game.

Wait Am I Recapping Big Brother or General Hospital?: This segment takes up a majority of the episode with Jody potentially breaking it up. It begins with Jessica finally telling Paul about the details of the Halting Hex and he’s not happy. Yet a plan starts to form with Paul and his allies trying to convince Jessica not to use the Hex this week. The main idea is to try to make Cody as someone who’s bad for Jessica. Combine with the fight they had earlier, the plan could work. Christmas goes to Jessica appearing as a supporting best friend but she’s just doing Paul’s bidding. Actually, Christmas does a good job trying to convince her. Suddenly Cody grabs his stuff and walks out of the room. Jody talks and she’s mad at him for being a hothead. He tells her that the way he acts is the way he acts. It appears that Jody is not going well with Cody telling her that he’s bad in this game and she’s better off without him.

BB Storm Watch: The tv in the living room begins to show the BB storm watch with references to the evicted houseguests. Well, at least they got Cameron’s name right so that’s a plus. Everyone except for Jody studies for the competition. Next morning, the players are picked which is Kevin (by Paul’s choice) and Raven. One by one, the players go out to the backyard to read the teleprompter and answer questions based on the storm watch. While they’re reading, gusting winds and rain come to distract the players from the teleprompter. The winner of the BB Storm Watch is Paul.

Jessica’s Choice: Interestingly the end of this episode is not the veto ceremony but it’s all Jessica decision to use the hex. Paul and his allies are still campaigning to her about not using the hex. Jessica tries to get a deal together that if she doesn’t use her hex this week, Alex will go home next week. Paul agrees but tells us that she would be an idiot to accept it. The episode ends with Jessica weighing out her options if she should use the hex to save Cody and herself or to save herself next week.

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