Big Brother 19 Episode 18 Recap


Previously on Big Brother: Jessica won the power of the Halting Hex which can stop an eviction before the vote. After Paul became HOH, she immediately started to be coy about the power. He thought it was a buff and put Jody up anyway then won the Veto. She did reveal the full power so Paul devises a plan to act like Jessica best interest is to not use the Hex. The episode ended on a cliffhanger if Jessica would use the Hex or not.

Paul told Jessica that Cody was going to use his other allies to take her out. Jessica doesn’t know what to believe so she talks to Matt if there’s any truth to what Paul said. He doesn’t give a clear answer and it’s filled with some awkward pauses. Basically, he told her that it’s not important now so she talks with Cody. He swears on everything he has that the plan to eventually take out Jessica is not true. In a flashback, we see that it wasn’t really a plan but more of a suggestion.

Let’s Make a Deal: In the last episode, we saw Paul make a deal with Jessica that if she doesn’t use the Hex this week then Alex would go home in either the next two weeks. Of course, Paul is lying but he needs everyone on board to ensure Jessica. He goes to his allies and tells about the deal but also Alex won’t go home. Mark and Elena are also told the plan but thinks Alex is going home. Mark sees that as a good move for Cody to go out because it means him and Elena will get closer.

POV Meeting: Paul won the veto so all the power is with him. He can take Jason off the block (which means there’s no replacement because he’s the third nominee) or take Jessica off which might make her use the Hex next week instead. Jason gives a speech which implies Cody is the target and should go home. Jessica just says world peace and Cody doesn’t give a speech which is freaking funny. Paul uses the veto on Jason and is pissed off at Jody for mocking the game. Listen I love Big Brother but it’s not a deadly serious game. There are wacky sound effect, crazy diary room sessions, and you wear silly costumes during ridiculous competitions so get off your high horse, Paul. Jessica is mad at Jason’s speech and doesn’t want Cody to be attacked.Jason, Kevin, and Raven are talking but as soon as Jessica walks in, the conversation changes when Jason gives a signal. However, Jessica catches this and is pissed at Raven. Jessica calls Raven out for lying but she swears there was no lying and tells her to look in her eyes but that’s what she did before Ramses was evicted. Raven pulls Jody into the room but Cody asks why is she against them. It falls under that the whole house is against them so you gotta join the house. Jessica tells Cody to stop talking to her because she’s untrustworthy. Raven goes back to Paul about what happened so he goes to Jessica. She tells him that the deal is off the table and the Hex will be used on Thursday.

The Heat is On: Paul is pissed that Jessica broke her word so he rallies up the house against Jessica. Of course, Josh has his pots and pans ready to belt out the circus song. It’s all fun until Jessica walks to the kitchen. Raven and Alex are yelling at her as the fight becomes who stole Alex’s cat ears. Alex brings this up to show how petty Jessica is but aren’t you the pettier one for bringing it up? Cody takes Jessica outside but Paul rallies the troops to attack them. Hell, even Paul calls his allies “his dogs” which Cody didn’t even call them that. Matthew is embarrassed for everyone because they can’t act this way. If you don’t watch the feeds then also keep in mind that Paul and Christmas were trying to attack Cody’s military status. The only one that wasn’t cool for it was Matthew so kudos for him for being a human being.

Halting Hex Rise, Eviction Night Dies: It’s finally time for eviction so the two nominees give their last words. Jessica officially reveals the Halting Hex so the eviction is now halted.

Big Brother Horror Week: Using a zombie leg (golf club), the houseguest must putt an eyeball (ball) to a slot. The houseguest with the highest score becomes the new HOH.

  • Matthew – 6
    Alex – 2
    Mark – 15
    Jason – 15
    Cody – 21
    Christmas – 21
    Elena – 13
    Jessica – 2
    Josh – 23
    Raven – 13
    Kevin – 6

Which means the Josh is the new Head of Household. That’s right, the meatball reign begins.


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