Big Brother 19 Week 5 Rankings


Welcome to my power rankings of Big Brother 19 where I rank the houseguests on how well they did and their place in the future. Keep in mind this isn’t based on who I like personally but strictly game based.


12. Cody

Cody couldn’t just keep his head down all week but he instead started fights and added gasoline to the fire. The fight after the nomination ceremony not only hurt himself with the majority but also made Jessica break up with him. Luckily he’s a beast in the competitions so maybe he can pull off a temptation competition or veto win.


11. Mark

Although he won safety for the week, Mark still had a not good week. His fight with Josh almost got him out of the house and push him away from not only the majority but Elena. She has slowly pushed him away for the past week and the fight with Josh was the final straw. It’s like they’re broken up and it’s clouding Mark’s judgment. He did makeup with Josh later in the week so that’s a bright spot. He’ll be a big target if Jody is not on the block.


10. Jessica

While it was very satisfying to see Jessica Colby reveal her temptation, it was unnecessary. If she would have kept her mouth shut then perhaps all of the drama could have been avoided.


9. Raven

At the beginning of the game, there was a point where no one wanted Raven out. Hell, people wanted her to win the game but this week is where her true colors showed. The guise of the sweet southern belle is gone when she fought with Jessica. People have been getting annoyed by her so I think it’s just going to get worse and worse for Raven.


8. Josh

Josh is just a wildcard, from banging pots and pans to feeling a little remorseful to back to banging pots and pans again. It’s not good gameplay but Paul wants him around as a meat shield. It’s going to be interesting to see him as HOH because he’ll probably listen to Paul or maybe just go on his own but we’ll see.


7. Elena

There was a possibility that she would be with Jody as people who the majority want out. Now, will she be a target in the future, probably yes? For now, there are other big targets (Jody and Mark) so for the time being Elena will be safe.


6. Alex

Even now she has a secret alliance with Paul, Alex is an easy target from the majority. Her petty fight with Jessica just blows up her target even more. If she volunteers to be a pawn then don’t be surprised if Alex goes home.


5. Christmas

Nothing really changed about Christmas this week. She still has a bum leg, she’s tight with everyone, and is on no one’s radar.


4. Jason

While the veto ceremony wasn’t good for him, Jason is pretty strong in the game. He continues to question Paul’s authority but doesn’t act because of Alex and it’s too early. I’m seeing Jason going down the long haul.


3. Paul

The only bad thing that Paul did this week was winning the competitions. Matthew and Raven could have won and done his bidding for him then the veto as well. However, he has complete control over the house so the competitions wins are just unnecessary. That being said, the majority just worship him and with Josh as HOH, he’s going to listen to Paul. As the weeks go on, it seems less likely that someone will take him out.


2. Matthew

Maybe because everyone is so bad but I was very impressed by Matthew. I’m starting to see him as someone who will turn it on at the end. Not only was he not involved in the fight but told his allies that they were crazy to question Cody’s military status. He’s still a wallflower but I’m starting to see Matthew more as a contender to maybe win.


  1. Kevin

While he’s tight with Paul, I don’t see him as a blind follower. Hell, he made a comment saying that imagine if a Jim Jones figure was in the house, alluding to Paul. He’s respected by everyone and isn’t getting into fights. While yes he isn’t good in the competitions, his social game is by far one of the best in the house.



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