Big Brother 19 Episode 19 Recap


Previously on Big Brother: Ever since the pool incident, Mark and Josh became bitter enemies. After Paul won the HOH, Jessica teased the power of the halting hex. Thinking it’s a buff, Paul nominated Jody but at the live eviction, the halting hex was unleashed. At the next HOH competition, Josh won it and became the Head of Household.

Thoughts on Josh’s HOH Win: Josh reflects on his journey being in the house with everyone wanting him out week 1 and now he’s the HOH. Cody isn’t shocked that Josh would nominate either him or Jessica. Paul is excited that Josh is HOH so they can finally get rid of Jody. Mark hesitates because either Josh is against Marelena or for them. We flashback to a couple of days ago with Mark and Josh making up for the past.

Marelena in the Crosshairs: While Josh and his allies are talking about the immediate reactions, Alex mentions that Mark seemed sad that Josh won. The problem is Alex said that right next to Mark. She tries to make up an excuse but Mark is very confused because why would she say that when he’s right there. Elena asks Josh if she’s going on the block and he says just celebrate for now. She pulls him into the storage room and explains why she voted him out instead of Ramses in week 4. Josh thinks if it was easy for her to vote him out, it will be easy to nominate her. He vents to Paul and Christmas about this but Paul wants Jody up instead. Christmas actually wants Josh to have his own HOH instead of Paul controlling it. She thinks Elena is a floater and to quote the great Rachel Reilley “floaters get a life vest.”

Strangest Things: It’s time for the temptation competition with the winner having safety for the week while the loser is the third nominee. One by one, everyone goes to the den to choose if they want to compete. Everyone but Christmas and Josh (because he’s the HOH) choose to be in the competition. The players all have to go throughout the blackout house, avoiding “demons” to decipher clues in order to get an item. Whoever finds the item in the fastest time wins the comp while the loser is the third nominee. This competition is a lot of fun and it’s nice to see production get a little more creative. Cody wins while Jessica becomes the third nominee. It’s a pretty good outcome for Jody as Jessica can’t be backdoored and she has a chance to win veto.

Nominations: Paul is trying to convince Josh that Jessica should be the target, not Elena. He goes to Elena and tells her to convince Josh that she’s not the target. It doesn’t go well as they bicker. He tells her that she’s manipulative and voted for him during week 4. Josh agrees that Elena is going up as a pawn but really wants her to go home this week. At the nomination ceremony, Josh nominates Mark and Elena on the block with Jessica as the third nominee.

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