Big Brother 19 Episode 20 Recap


Previously on Big Brother: During week 2, Christmas won the Ring of Replacement from the Den of Temptation. She cursed Jessica, Cody, and Jason with wearing toad costumes and if they get chosen to play in the veto, she can replace them. Josh won the latest HOH competition and has his sights set on Elena. At the temptation competition, Cody won safety and Jessica became the third nominee. The other nominees are Mark and Elena.

Josh Can’t Get a Break: Josh gives a fake speech on how he wants Jessica out but he really wants Elena out. Even know Elena thinks she is a pawn, there’s a good possibility she might go home especially if Jessica wins the veto. Jessica is confident that her plan will work because now she can’t get backdoored. Josh talks to Paul, Matt, and Raven who shot down the idea of Elena going home before Jessica. He tries to talk to Jody but they shoot him down not knowing that he actually wants to get out Elena. If they only listen to a minute then this whole game could have changed.

Christmas Gives A Gift: On Day 17, Christmas confesses to Paul that she has the temptation. Cut to present day with Paul wanting Christmas to use the Ring of Replacement if Cody gets chosen. He explains to us that it will be good not only for now but later down the line if Christmas wants to use to hurt Paul’s game. Now Christmas doesn’t want to do this because it’s not Paul’s HOH. She goes to Josh and explains the temptation to him. He doesn’t want her to use it because it’s going to make getting Elena out that much harder. They both go to Paul and he says that Jody in the jury would be unfair to them in the game. It’s time for the veto ceremony and Josh explains that he has to give a sign. Mark gets pulled and he chooses Alex because he wants her to trust him. Then Cody gets drawn and after seeing a blink (no seriously that’s the sign), Christmas activates her power and pulls Cody off the block. Actually, this is a great move for Paul because now there are no temptations, this hurts Jessica chances in the veto, and Jessica is pissed at Christmas, not Paul.

Nothing Personal, Just Dumb: Jody immediately go into another room and Cody starts sobbing on Jessica’s shoulder. Yes, Cody is crying, the guy who said he will never cry in the house. She confronts him saying that it’s always them versus the house. While in the bathroom, Christmas explains to Jessica that the move wasn’t personal. Actually, she explains that it was a little personal because Cody put her up. I should be angry at bad gameplay but those scooter sound effects that play with Christmas is hilarious.

OTEV: Well it turns out that Christmas can’t compete in the veto so now it’s down to five. It’s the classic OTEV competition and this OTEV is a cute little piggy who isn’t feeling well. Turns out that our cute little piggy is possessed and starts puking up a storm. The players need to go down and get a number that responds to the question. The last person in each round gets eliminated to veto hell. In all honesty, what does veto hell look like?

  • Elena gets eliminated first
  • Jessica is eliminated second
  • Josh is eliminated in the third round
  • Alex is eliminated last
  • Mark wins the veto

Veto Ceremony: At the veto ceremony, Mark uses the veto on himself and Raven is put up the block. So what did you think of tonight’s Big Brother episode? Like this post and leave a comment down below!



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