Big Brother 19 Episode 21 Recap


Previously on Big Brother: Josh won the latest HOH and has his sights set on Elena, not Jody. Cody won the safety for the week while Jessica was put up as the third nominee. Mark and Elena were put up on the block so hopefully, Elena will go home. At the veto selection, Cody was picked but Christmas used the Ring of Replacement so she would play instead of him. Mark won the veto and Josh replaced him with Raven.

Kevin Plays a Bit Hard: Jessica thinks it’s pathetic that everyone feels so accomplished getting rid half of a duo that took five weeks. Raven is ecstatic because she has a hand in getting Jessica out which she doesn’t, you’re one of three nominees. Even know Raven is up, Josh still wants Elena out of the house. We see Kevin outline his strategy of getting along with everyone and playing harder in the second half. He plays a bit harder by telling Jessica he’ll watch out for Cody. Jessica tells Cody who’s skeptical because he doesn’t want Kevin’s game in jeopardy and knows that he’ll be a weapon in the game. Kevin tells Paul, Alex, and Jason about the plan. Alex hates this plan because she only wants to work with people who she likes and Paul hates this because of Cody’s history with him. Jason is pissed because this wasn’t a group decision.:

Just Because of a Spelling Lesson: Casual conversation happens in the kitchen with Matthew being the talk because he showers too much. They say he’s going to cause a drought so Jessica asks Josh how to spell it. He spells it correctly but Jessica becomes more passive aggressive towards him. Josh is trying really hard to be friendly with Jessica but she’s not making it easy. Paul jokes that he should tell her how do you spell evicted and Josh runs to tell her that. Jody becomes extremely pissed off at him and calls Josh fat. This hits him hard and Josh flips the switch on the target from Elena to Jessica. It all started with a spelling lesson. Not only does this hurt Jessica chances of staying but Kevin wants nothing to do with Cody.

Eviction: The nominees give their last speech before the voting starts. Raven talks about her disease, Elena makes a nice throwback to Dominique’s speech and Jessica thanks, CBS then throw some shade at her houseguests. The voting begins with Alex.

  • Alex votes for Jessica
  • Christmas votes for Jessica
  • Cody votes for Raven
  • Kevin votes for Jessica
  • Paul votes for Jessica
  • Mark votes for Jessica
  • Matthew votes for Jessica
  • Jason votes for Jessica

By a vote of 9-1-0, Jessica is evicted from the Big Brother house. Jody has one last kiss as she walks out the door. When Jessica talks to Julie, she is upset that her best friend is separated from her. Julie asks what was the last straw for her and Josh, and it was during the fourth HOH when he was harassing her on the sidelines. Also, that was the anniversary of her father’s death. She asks Jessica if this relationship is the real deal and it’s a yes. During the video messages, Josh mentions that Elena was the target not her but she played herself. Jessica didn’t know this but is happy that she’ll listen to Josh anymore.

Hocus Focus: The next Head of Household competition begins with two magicians giving a performance. The houseguests must answer truth or false questions and the last person remaining wins.

  • Round 1: Everyone is right.
  • Round 2: Kevin, Mark, Jason, & Paul are out.
  • Round 3: Everyone is right.
  • Round 4: Christmas is out.
  • Round 5: Cody, Elena, & Matt are out.
  • Round 6: Raven is out
  • Alex wins HOH!

Welcome to the Jury Phase: Julie makes small talk with Alex and Cody then announces that we’re in the jury phase. Unlike the recent seasons, there will be no Jury Buyback. That means once you’re out, that’s it you’re done. She tells everyone that they should start playing harder. Sunday is the last temptation competition, next thursday is a double eviction, and friday is a special episode!

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