Annabelle: Creation Review


The Cournjiing franchise has been so far a very successful one for not only the horror genre but recent film itself. It relies on old school horror instead of laziness just to make a quick buck. With the latest film, Annabelle: Creation coming out this weekend, does it hold up to the franchise or is it a weak point? Directed by David F. Sanberg, Annabelle is a prequel to the first movie and shows how the doll became possessed. We see an orphanage move into a house from a dollmaker and his wife who lost their girl at a young age. One of the orphans discovers the doll and terror are unleashed in the house.

Annabelle features some of my personal taste in horror with the suspense building up. Of course, there’s jump scares but it doesn’t feel cheap and forced in. These scares feel more genuine than a half baked horror movie. This movie builds on the mystery builds with Annabelle and Mr.Name storyline. By the time the third act hits, the suspense is paid off and the scares begin.

The horror is more of creepiness because demons, dolls, and little girls are the perfect recipe. Creepiness just sticks with you instead of repeating jump scares. Also, David Sanberg who direct the movie Lights Out uses shadows and darkness perfectly. We’ve all had the eerie feeling of a darkened hallway when we’re in the house. David Sanberg takes that and multiplies that feeling by a thousand. Besides the scares, he directed some beautiful shots especially the extirpate shots of the house.

All of the cast was good especially when half of them were child actors. Not that child actors are bad but it’s harder to pull a good performance. Luckily Sanberg does it but all of the credit shouldn’t go to him. Talitha Bateman was really good as she expressed both vulnerable and terror. Hopefully, this is her breakout role and she’ll have a bright future ahead. All of the other girls did a really good job but the second standout performance was Anthony LaPaglia who has this world weary look in his eyes because of his tragedic backstory. Yet there’s something off about him as he’s very suspicious and might be ready to snap at any time.

If you have a chance to see Annabelle: Creation then definitely go see it. This movie is creepy and towards the end, it becomes really scary. The cinematography is beautiful and the acting is really good. This movie adds to the Conjuring impressive franchise so far.

Grade: B+

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