Big Brother 19 Week 6 Rankings


Welcome to my power rankings of Big Brother 19 where I rank the houseguests on how well they did and their place in the future. Keep in mind this isn’t based on who I like personally but strictly game based.


12. Jessica

At the beginning of the week, things looked pretty good for Jody. Yet their big problem this week is getting into fights. Some blame goes to Josh for not telling his plans to them but it’s like they want to be isolated from the house. Even Kevin who wanted to work with them is now against them. It sucks to see Jessica go home early but there’s no denying there were some faults


11. Cody

Same problem as Jessica with the fighting. To be honest I don’t know how he can overcome being in the house without Jessica. He’s such a huge target especially with Paul wanting him out of the house. He’s still amazing with competitions so maybe he can survive next week.


10. Mark

He kept a low profile this week but is still a big target. If Cody wins safety then Mark will be the number one target in the house.


9. Elena

Thanks to the mistakes by Jody, Christmas, and Josh, Elena is saved this week. I wouldn’t say she was close to going home but people were really gunning for her. If it wasn’t for Paul really trying to keep her safe than this whole week might have been different. She’s actually loyal to Paul and he sees that. If Paul can really trust her then he can take her far.


8. Josh

First off, congrats to Josh for winning a competition and almost having his own agenda. However, Paul wanted his way so thanks to Josh and Christmas, Jessica is out of the house. Publicly he said that Jessica was his target but it was actually Elena. So why not just tell Jessica the truth instead of either playing too coy or not cutting to the chase. He and Paul are still tight but he’s either going to get cut early by Paul or get targeted by the minority side.


7. Christmas

Christmas showed so much promise in the beginning of the week when she was defying Paul and encouraging Josh to do what he wanted to do. Then Paul got in her ear and got Christmas to use the Ring of Replacement. It’s a horrible move because it’s too early for that and that power would have been useful if she thought that a backdoor would be possible. Any thought of getting rid of Paul has died down in her because she fully has his back now.


6. Raven

Well, at least she isn’t starting fights like last week so she’s a bit higher up. Raven doesn’t have a chance to win but maybe could be the jury goat.


5. Alex

Just like Raven, she kept a low profile this week. Alex is definitely in the top three competitors in this house with Paul and Cody. The problem with Paul still remains as her biggest blind spot in the house. Also, the fact that she said that the people I like are the only people I’m going to work with is not smart. It eliminates any options that might get you to the end. She won HOH this week but will probably do whatever Paul tells her to do.


4. Matthew

Well, we did another new thing about Matthew this week … he loves showers. Yea, that’s the only thing I noticed about Matthew. If he’s going to do the Kevin strategy of making friends in the first half then making moves in the second half, Matthew has a good path ahead.


3. Jason

Jason is still doing pretty good but still has his blind spot because of Alex. When Alex goes out, Jason will trust his own instincts and maybe take out Paul.


2. Kevin

Kevin outline his strategy of staying low while making friends is what he’s been doing since the start. That’s why Kevin is always been at the top of the rankings. The reason why he’s not number one is him trying too hard to save Cody. It made his allies suspious of him but that will die down because of bigger targets in the house.


1. Paul

Even when someone wants to follow their own agenda, Paul changes their mind so it fits his own agenda instead. Making Christmas use her power was a great move for him because now there are no temptation powers left, he doesn’t have to worry about Christmas using in the future, and some people are mad at Christmas instead of him. Now with Alex winning HOH, she will do whatever he says making it another week where Paul has his way.




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