Big Brother 19 Episode 25 Recap


Previously on Big Brother: Alex won the latest HOH and wanted Cody out of the house. Mark tried to plant seeds to Jason that Paul is dangerous but he wasn’t buying it. On eviction night, it became a double eviction with Cody going home first and Jason winning the next HOH. He told everyone about his chat with Mark and put up Marelena on the block. After Mark won the veto, Jason put up Matthew and almost considered getting him out but Jason campaigned to get Elena out. It worked and she became the second member of the jury.

Words Come Back to Bite Mark: Mark feels guilty that Elena went out because he’s such a big target and she just wanted some space. Everyone is looking at the picture wall and is loving that Cody is out of the house. Especially Paul who is gloating about getting Jody out and how no one is putting him up (trust us, we’re wondering the same thing). However, he is concerned about Jason’s speech about Mark. He admits to Paul that he shouldn’t be trusted so everyone gathers in the kitchen. My favorite part is Josh was about to talk but everyone shut him down because they need a word in. Mark is shaken by this and doesn’t offer a clear answer to anyone because it won’t save him.

Another Puppet Master Comes In: The front doorbell rings and Derrick, the winner of Big Brother 16 enters. Josh describes him as someone who’s a mastermind. was never put on the block, and dominated the game (mmmmmmmmmm sounds familiar). He carries a duffle bag but it’s just a tease as he congrats everyone about making it halfway. Derrick is happy that he’s back in even know it’s just temporary. But Derrick isn’t here for anything except for being the reason we have a clip show.

Rant Time: Clip shows are just horrible in general but for Big Brother, it’s even worse. The whole point is to reflect on the season and in the earlier seasons, it would happen at the very end. Now we’re having it at the halfway point which is pointless and with a season like this, it’s going to hurt the enjoyment. We’re seeing clips of people who aren’t even here and their dominating the screen time. To top it off, it’s airing on a Friday which meant there were no feeds immediately after the double eviction. Clip shows are a waste of time and this one is especially the case. At least last season, the clip show was very awkward but a little entertaining. This one just has Derrick who I like but that’s not enough to make this fun. He just awkwardly transitions events that he wasn’t even present for. So for this recap, I’m not going to recap the clip show because it’s redundant.

Preview for Sunday: At the very end of the episode, Derrick announces he will host the next HOH competition. The competition is about the past events in the house which still doesn’t justify this episode. They all walk back outside and that’s the episode. It was just a tease for Sunday …. sigh.

So did you like this episode or were you like me and couldn’t stand it? Like this post and leave a comment down below.


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