Big Brother 19 Episode 26 Recap


Previously on Big Brother: Alex won the latest HOH and wanted Cody out of the house. Mark tried to plant seeds to Jason that Paul is dangerous but he wasn’t buying it. On eviction night, it became a double eviction with Cody going home first and Jason winning the next HOH. He told everyone about his chat with Mark and put up Marelena on the block. After Mark won the veto, Jason put up Matthew and almost considered getting him out but Josh campaigned to get Elena out. Then we had a crappy clip show :/

Tales from Decrypt: This HOH is hosted by Derrick and it’s a head to head competition. Two players must answer a question about the past houseguests by decrypting clues. The loser is out while the winner stays but if you get it wrong, you’re out.

  • Round 1: Raven vs Mark – Raven wins
  • Round 2: Alex vs Paul – Paul wins
  • Round 3: Christmas vs Kevin – Christmas wins
  • Round 4: Josh vs Matthew – Josh wins
  • Round 5: Raven vs Paul – Paul wins
  • Round 6: Christmas vs Josh – Christmas wins
  • Round 7: Christmas vs Paul – Christmas
  • Christmas wins Head of Household

Now Paul knew the answer but Christmas took way too long so Paul threw the competition.

Kevin the Undercover Cop: Mark knows he’s the main target but will fight for the veto if he has the chance. Alex comments that while Mark is the house target, she wants to push for Kevin to be the backup target. She noticed that he was fishy when Derrick was around and thinks that Kevin is an undercover cop because he knows about the streets and gangsters. He tries to talk to her but Alex proclaims that she doesn’t want to talk to him alone. Good job pissing off someone who might be in the jury Alex, really good job. Alex tells Jason that he needs to cease all talk with Kevin but still talks to him anyway. Kevin gets really pissed off and tries to confront her about why she doesn’t want to talk. So she makes up the excuse that he keeps asking about food. Well, at least Alex can win competitions because everything else sucks.

Guess Who’s Getting a Big Brother: Jason calls everyone to see his HOH basket. Since he won the double eviction HOH, there’s no room but gets a nice basket with treats and letter from home. His wife writes to him and at the end, she drops a bombshell that she’s having another kid. Everyone is excited for him but imagine if she was lying to give him extra motivation to win the money. That would have been great but congrats to Jason. Honestly, I would be scared to take Jason more so because of this news.

Tree of Temptation: We have a whole new twist which is the Tree of Temptation. The Tree of Temptation involves someone choosing an apple when the tree is light up. These apples are at random and are Save a Friend, Second Veto, Eliminate Two Eviction Votes, Can’t Play in Next HOH, and Bounty on Your Head. Mark is thankful for this twist and when the tree is lit up, he immediately goes in. He gets the Save a Friend and picks Paul which grants him safety. It’s like this season of Big Brother is on tutorial mode for Paul.

Nominations: Although Kevin was a tempting offer, Christmas puts Jason and Matthew on the block as pawns. Her speech doesn’t concern them but she tells Mark that he’s the target.

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