Big Brother 19 Week 7 Rankings


Welcome to my power rankings of Big Brother 19 where I rank the houseguests on how well they did and their place in the future. Keep in mind this isn’t based on who I like personally but strictly game based.


11. Cody

Going into this week, there was nothing that Cody could have done besides winning the veto in order to ensure his safety. The target on his back so big that no one couldn’t wait a week to get him out. Besides being with Jessica, he kills in the competitions and that makes everyone afraid of him. Give him points for having the best Big Brother exit in history.


10. Elena

Elena has been on a decline since the Ramses vote and slowly became one of the big targets in the house. Now taking the 5k wasn’t the main reason for Elena going home but she placed some serious mistrust in Alex and Josh to the point of wanting her out first. She has this spunk but unfortunately, it didn’t come out that much this season and that’s a shame.


9. Mark

Mark is now in the Cody spot of being the only one left in a showmance and being a competition beast. He can’t just carry any good favor in the house because of past events (pickle juice, Dominique, pots, and pans, etc) The target on his back is unavoidable and unless Paul wants to go after Kevin or Matthew, he’s gone this week.


8. Kevin

Man Kevin really went down in the rankings this week. Originally I thought that the threat of Kevin would go down because there are bigger ones in the house. Unfortunately for him, Paul doesn’t trust him and that’s a death sentence in the house. He’s been making his allies very uneasy because Kevin is just talking to the other side. Unless he can pull off some competition wins then Kevin might be going home real soon.


7. Matthew

I was trying to be optimistic about Matthew a couple of weeks ago but that’s all gone. It’s like he’s not even trying to play the game and instead wants to eat cereal all day long. Matthew wants to be a pawn because he has to be a team player and there’s no hesitation to become the third nominee. Then he wins the veto and doesn’t even use it on himself because Paul told him too. To top it all off, he was dangerously close to becoming evictee in the double eviction and still has no clue about it. Matthew is going out soon and probably won’t care.


6. Raven

She’s in a showmance with Matthew which automically makes her a target. The houseguests are getting sick and tired of Raven so her days are numbered.


5. Jason

Matthew had me a little optimistic but I was really pulling for Jason because it seemed he would have made an independent move. Sadly he’s just a follower of Paul (got used to seeing that phrase on a lot in the upcoming weeks) and will always listen to Alex. His speech as HOH was terrible and showed how jittery he was. Unless Jason can pull it together, he’ll be gone around final five.


4. Josh

Honestly, Josh at this point is just being Josh and nothing will change about that. He’ll get into a fight or Paul will tell him to get into a fight with someone. He might be a jury goat that Paul will take but the way he’s acting, the jury probably won’t vote for him.


3. Christmas

Even know Christmas is in the third spot, I don’t feel good about her chances. She’s been getting into fights with people and soon will really piss them off when they get evicted.


2. Alex

She’s still blindly loyal to Paul which will be her biggest downfall in the game. Without this blind following, Alex would be pretty good as she possesses a drive in these competitions. If somehow Paul goes before her then she’s going to have a pretty good shot.


1. Paul

Fitting that Derrick came into the house as he’s famous for dominating the game because Paul is on that path. Absolutely no one wants to take him out and in fact, people want him to win the game. Everyone (besides Mark) is blindly loyal to him and that’s perfect for Paul.



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