Big Brother 19 Episode 27 Recap


Previously on Big Brother: After Cody and Elena were eliminated during the double eviction, Mark became the house target. Paul threw the HOH to Christmas who is going to make a big move,,, by targeting Mark. A new twist called Tree of Temptation that has either a reward or punishment. Mark goes in and gets a Save a Friend which he gives Paul safety for the week. Although there have been discussions about Kevin, she nominates Matthew and Jason in order to backdoor Mark.

Paul Plans Ahead: Mark hopes that he gets some goodwill towards Paul because of the safety. However, Paul doesn’t care and still wants Mark out this. At night, Christmas confesses to Josh that he has a soft spot for Mark and wants to target Jason if Mark wins the veto. While everyone thinks about this week, Paul is thinking about the end game. He admits that last season, the end wasn’t on his mind until the end. Christmas and Josh seem like good options for him but the most important thing is to not show too much loyalty towards one person. If the two pairs (Alex and Jason, Matthew and Raven) take each other out then it’s a win. I love getting some insight into Paul’s strategy and not feeling too forced and over the top in the diary room.

Zingbot: Mark is reading the bible and hopes to God that he gets to play in the veto this week. Turns out, God wants him to play alongside Raven and Paul. That pales in comparison to the return of Zingbot. Our favorite robot that delivers the best burns returns for the veto competition. Also, Zingbot has the weirdest story arc ever with him being the President. Raven is super excited about Zingbot but little does she know that everyone in the fan community has been roasting her all season. Zingbot zings are pretty good but Josh steals the show with his reactions. We go to the backyard for the competition, where the players need to send Zingbot home. They must fill up their bowl and the first player to do that is the winner. Paul doesn’t want to win so there’s no Sophie’s choice between the two nominees. Thankfully Jason wins the Power of Veto.

One Last Ditch Effort: While Jason and Alex celebrating ending their respective punishments, Marks campaigns to Christmas and Josh. He pledges his loyalty to them and will do whatever he says. Christmas wants to think about it but has other plans. Jason uses the veto on himself and Christmas puts Mark on the block.



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