Big Brother 19 Episode 28 Recap


Previously on Big Brother: At the HOH competition, Paul throws the competition to Christmas in order to not get his hands too bloody. He has been positioning him self with all of the pairs in the house but set his sights on Josh and Christmas. Mark becomes the target with Christmas putting up Jason and Matthew as pawns for a backdoor. At the veto, Jason wins the veto and Mark are put up.

Pairing Up: Christmas is feeling confident about backdooring Mark but he isn’t giving up just yet. Maven (Matt & Raven) talk to Paul about Jason and Alex, and when they should be targeting them. They agree about targeting them if they win HOH but this falls perfectly in Paul’s plan. He goes Alex and she talks about targeting Maven if they win HOH. This is going perfectly for Paul but has some doubts about Alex. If he takes Alex to the win, he might be the runner up.

Mark Goes Campaigning: Mark needs four votes to stay this week so he starts campaigning to the house. He talks to Jason, Kevin, Alex, and Paul to secure the votes. Although they like him personally, it’s risky to keep him in the game. So Mark goes for the Maven angle because most people don’t like them in the house. Paul has enough control in the house to make Matthew go home this week which he thinks about it.

Fluff Questions: Before the eviction, Julie asks a couple of light questions to the house. She comments that Matthew is finally wearing a different shirt and Christmas’s injury. Kevin is asked what he wants to see in the HOH basket if he wins which he wants some bottled water and a letter from home. Finally, she goes to Jason about his wife and he’s ecstatic about the pregnancy.

Eviction: The nominees have some final words before the vote, Matthew talks about how much of an expert loser is he (very meta) and Mark talks about his family plus the good experience he had in the house. It’s time for the vote.

  • Raven votes for Mark.
  • Josh votes for Mark.
  • Kevin votes for Mark.
  • Jason votes for Matthew.
  • Alex votes for Matthew.
  • Paul votes for Mark.

By a vote of 4-2, Mark is evicted from the Big Brother house. Mark seems like he’s in good spirits while I’m sad that one of my preseason picks goes home. While talking to Julie, he talks about Elena and the floater strategy. He names Dominique as the downfall in his game and Cody going back was the final blow.

HOH: The houseguests go to the backyard for another endurance competition. They are put into giant hot dog buns and must hold on while mustard and ketchup are sprayed onto them. We’ll see the results on the Sunday episode along with the nominations. So what did you think of this episode? Like this post and leave a comment down below.


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