Lucky Logan Review


Usually, directors, have their little niche with it comes to films. Example. Steven Soderberg has his heist movies with the Ocean’s trilogy. After a 4 year hiatus, he’s back with another heist movie, Logan Lucky. So is this movie worth all the critical praise or deserves the harsh box office results.

Logan Lucky is about Jimmy Logan (Channing Tatum) who shares custody of his daughter with his ex-wife (Katie Holmes). To support his single parent lifestyle, he teams up with his one-armed brother, Clyde (Adam Driver) and their sister, Minnie (Riley Keough). The plan is to steal from the Charlotte Motor Speedway during the Coca-Cola 600. With the help of Joe Bang (Daniel Craig), they need to successfully steal the money without getting caught.

For me personally, heist movies are so much fun because of the planning and execution. Heists are some of the most fun action on-screen. Steven Soderberg masterfully does this with ease even know it’s around something I don’t care for, NASCAR. Not that NASCAR is bad but it’s just race cars racing in a circle for hundreds of laps. But making these characters maneuver through the busiest day for the sport was very thrilling to watch.

When the planning starts, that’s where the fun really begins. The first act isn’t slow but more delivery paced. These characters are so much fun to watch that its shame we won’t get a sequel (thanks to the box office).  The interactions that took place was suspenseful but also really fun. What other movies can you think of that has a conversation about explosive gummy bears that’s funny but also leaves you on the edge of your seat. This movie perfectly balances the thrills but also brings some great fun to the picture.

This ensemble is just incredible to watch and they really did excel in this movie. Channing Tatum and Adam Driver definitely have some great chemistry together and are very believable as brothers with bad luck. But by far the standout performance is Daniel Craig playing Joe Bang. He just disappears in this role and you can’t honestly see the actor just acting, you’ll see Joe Bang. His charming southern accent and great comedic performance make for one of his best performances in his career. The only actor that didn’t work was Sebastian Stan who wasn’t bad but had a very small role despite the billing.

Seeing Logan Lucky a week late is making me feel very regretful because this movie needs the word of mouth. This movie is filled with suspense and fun with the brothers stealing from NASCAR. Not only that but this ensemble is just incredible to watch especially Daniel Craig as Joe Bang. With a slow weekend of movies ahead, I’ll definitely you see Logan Lucky.

Grade: A-

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