Big Brother 19 Week 8 Cast Rankings


Welcome to my power rankings of Big Brother 19 where I rank the houseguests on how well they did and their place in the future. Keep in mind this isn’t based on who I like personally but strictly game based.


9. Mark

Just like Jessica and Cody, Mark going home was a long time coming. He was good at the beginning but the Dominique talk show incident and Cody coming back cemented his fate. Kudos towards him for fighting back not only in the competitions but trying to convince people that Paul wasn’t their best interest. Unfortunately, these houseguests are under Paul’s spell so Mark had no shot.


8. Matthew

Well unless he wins the HOH, it’s time for Matthew to be the pawn … for the third time in a row. This guy has to be the most clueless houseguest in the house and that’s saying a lot. He’s not even fighting for himself but for Raven, well actually Matthew is just not fighting at all. Unless Maven wins the HOH, Matthew will be the target this week.


7. Jason

He’s one of the other big targets in the house along with Alex but she has more of a chance. If Jason can win more comps, then he has more of a chance in the house but Alex seems more likely. I feel like Jason wouldn’t betray Alex but she will in a heartbeat.


6. Kevin

Kevin is getting more and more isolated from the house because they think he’s making side deals. He’s another immediate target but Paul will get him around because of competitions. There is some fire under him so if there’s anyone out of Paul’s spell, Kevin will use some street smart to help himself out.


5. Raven

The only reason that Raven might make Final Two because she’s a jury goat. There’s honestly no chance that Raven will win the game. The only vote she’ll get is from Matthew. Everyone is just sick of her crazy antics and attention seeking ways that they want to get rid of her but will wait.


4. Alex

Nothing has changed with Alex from last week. It will be interesting if Paul keeps her in the game because he is afraid of her but on the other hand, Alex has one of the worst social games in the house. Even with Jason who she treats like an idiot, no one has any ties with her. She shooed away Kevin and kept getting into fights with Mark this week.


3. Christmas

Zingbot called Jason dead weight but honestly, that’s Christmas. She’ll go to the end because of her injury which means most likely, she won’t repeat. Paul wants her in the end which means Christmas will be at the end.


2. Josh

Originally I said that Josh will not win because the jury will not like him. Now I’m starting to change my opinion and say he’s the dark horse. Yes, Cody and Elena are annoyed at him but everyone in the house still likes him. As long as he doesn’t get into fights and lay low, Josh has the second best chance to win in the house.


1. Paul

By god, how is everyone still under Paul’s spell? Yes, the safety and bracelets did help him out but he’s just so good in this house. Paul can be super over the top in the diary rooms but I love him explaining his strategy. The only thing going against him is everyone talking which could reveal some deals that Paul made. For now, Paul is cruising all the way to finale night.



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