Big Brother 19 Episode 30 Recap


Previously on Big Brother: Paul is forming a plan so all of the pairs can go after each other instead of him. After a grueling competition, Jason won the Head of Household and has his sights on Maven. He lied to them and said Kevin is the true target. They believe Jason as he nominates them both.

Kevin is Such a Meanie: Maven thinks the plan to get out Kevin is still good to go so they settle into the block comfortably. Even Jason says to Raven that they’re going to get pulled off the block. However, Jason reminds us that they need to break up the last showmance in the house. This is the plan but Alex wants to shift the target towards Kevin. She explains that no one likes him but Jason has a bond with him (because they’re both married men with children). The only thing that Jason hates is meanness so she tries to convey that Kevin is the meanest person in the house. Wait so wouldn’t Jason target Alex because she’s by far the meanest one in the house.

Hide and Go Veto: It’s time to pick players for the Power of Veto. Josh, Paul, and Kevin are pulled to play. This competition is the Hide and Go Veto competition which involves each player hiding their veto desk in the house. Then each player must go back in to find the other player’s disk. The person who still has their card in the house wins. Everyone is destroying the house which will make finding the disk harder but by god, this house is ruined. Furniture goes everywhere, all the clothes are on the floor, cats, and dogs living together, mass hysteria. Everyone finds the five veto disks and the results are shown. Josh is sixth, Matt is fifth, Kevin is fourth, Matt is third, Raven is second, and Jason wins the Power of Veto.

The Mob Mentality: Everyone is excited that Jason won the veto but he’s curious if Kevin would be cool with the pawn idea. Of course, he’s confused on why he would do that and hurts the twist between them. He suspects (correctly) that someone planted that thought in him but Jason changes his mind and decides to leave the nominations the same. Jason goes to Paul and Alex who don’t like this change of heart. He immediately gets suspicious of them when they look at each other. Also, Jason correctly guesses what’s been happening this season, the mob mentality. Someone will blame something else on a houseguest, they become the target, no one talks to them or gets into fights with them and they go home. Jason sees that Alex is trying to do the mob mentality on Kevin but he’s not buying it.

Veto Ceremony: At the veto ceremony, Matthew campaigns to Jason that he should use the veto on Raven, not himself. Unfortunately for Maven, Jason does not use the Power of Veto leaving both of them blindsided. Keep in mind at the end of the nomination ceremony, Jason told Raven that he would use the veto on them. He tries to ask a question during the ceremony but they both immediately shut him down. Not only are they pissed at Jason but so is Alex.

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