Big Brother 19 Episode 24 Recap


Previously on Big Brother: Alex won the latest Head of Household and set her sights on Cody as a backdoor option. Matthew, Elena, and Jason were up on the block as pawns. At the veto competition, Matthew won the veto while Elena pissed off Alex because she double crossed her in a deal. Although she was mad at Elena, Cody ended up on the block.

Fallout: Even know Alex wanted Elena as a target, the house (or should I say Paul) wants Cody out. After the ceremony, Josh comforts Cody not because of him but he wants Elena out since his HOH. This starts a fight in the kitchen with accusations being through at Mark and Elena. She fights back at Josh saying he’s twisting her words which turn into a screaming match. Alex gets into the fight because of the deal they made at the veto competition. Cody is just lounging in the backyard and hopes that these crazy houseguests will vote out Elena instead of him.

Eviction Part Un: Julie informs the house about the double eviction that will take place. For those who don’t know, the double eviction is an entire week crammed into an hour. That means we get the HOH, nominations, the veto competition, a quick ceremony, and an eviction. Cody and Elena take time with their speech to throw the majority under the bus while Matthew said something (I didn’t listen and neither did you.) Let’s start voting.

  • Paul votes for Cody
  • Mark votes for Cody
  • Kevin votes for Cody
  • Josh votes for Cody
  • Raven votes for Cody
  • Jason votes for Cody
  • Christmas votes for Cody

Cody just rushes out of the house and has a quick interview with Julie.

HOH: This Head of Household competition is a knockout round type. Two houseguests will slide their disk across the shuffleboard and the one that’s closest to the edge without falling wins. The winner picks the next two people while the loser is eliminated

  • Round 1: Matthew vs Josh – Matthew wins and picks Mark & Elena
  • Round 2: Mark vs Elena – Mark wins and picks Christmas & Josh
  • Round 3: Christmas vs Josh – Christmas wins and picks Mark & Elena
  • Round 4: Mark vs Raven- Mark wins and picks Kevin & Christmas
  • Round 5: Christmas vs Kevin- Christmas wins and picks Mark & Jason
  • Round 6: Mark vs Jason- Jason wins and Paul & Christmas complete by default
  • Round 7: Christmas vs Paul- Christmas wins
  • Round 8: Christmas vs Jason- Jason wins
  • Jason is the new Head of Household.

Jason immediately freaks out over this and goes in the house. He and Mark talk but then a flood of people go into the room. Jason says it’s going to be ok but we cut to commercials. We come back to Jason nominating Mark and Elena on the block.

Veto: The players competing are Mark, Elena, Jason, Raven, Matthew, and Josh. This competition has three puzzles that must be complete. When you’re done, you must hit your buzzer and you’ll win the power of veto. It’s close between Mark and Jason but Mark edges out by a hair and wins the veto. He immediately hugs Elena and she tells him it’s ok. At the ceremony, Mark uses the veto and Jason puts Matthew on the block.

Eviction Part Deux: We immediately start the eviction.

  • Raven votes for Elena
  • Alex votes for Elena
  • Mark votes for Matthew
  • Josh votes for Elena
  • Paul votes for Elena
  • Christmas votes for Elena
  • Kevin votes for Elena

Elena walks out of the house to Julie where she talks a lot about Mark. Julie informs us that there will be a special Friday episode that will have Big Brother 16 winner Derrick. As long as it’s not a recap episode then hopefully this special episode will be worth it.

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Big Brother 19 Episode 23 Recap


Previously on Big Brother: Alex won the latest Head of Household and wanted to backdoor Cody. Although people are suspicious of Kevin, the target was settled on the marine. He tried to throw the temptation competition so he can compete but is unsuccessful as Matthew becomes the third nominee. Along with Matt, Elena and Jason become pawns on the block.

Having a Nice Freezer Cry: Everyone is feeling pretty good that Cody will go home, even Elena who has a good chance of going home. Feeling desperate, Cody decides to confine with Kevin that he has a daughter. While it’s good that Cody is socializing and trying to build bridges, it’s far too late for him. Now Kevin has seven daughters so this really hits him hard because he’s missing his family. He tells us that misses his family every day and tries not to get emotional. For Kevin, showing emotion is a weakness for him and he has to go to the freezer to have a cry. Also, if you’re on twitter then follow Kevin’s account run by his family, it’s really good.

Veto Swap: It’s time to pick players for the Veto competition. Alex pulls Mark and herself out of the box so she picks Paul. This means Cody can’t compete in the veto and doesn’t have a chance to save himself. The Veto competition is the classic Veto swap style where there will be prizes and punishments. At each round, the player with the lowest number is out but can pick a hidden item. However, you can also pick an item that someone else has and switch.

  • At Round 1, Paul gets eliminated and uncovers the Veto.
  • At Round 2, Mark gets eliminated and gets a vacation to Colorado. He keeps it.
  • At Round 3, Jason is out and gets the skydiving punishment. Jason trades it with Paul and now he has the veto.
  • At Round 4, Matthew is out and gets the unitard. He trades with Jason.
  • At the final round, Elena wins. Alex gets 5k and Elena has the camp guide punishment. Elena trades it with Alex.
  • Matthew wins the veto.

Wow, this is a very dumb move from Elena. Not only does she not win the veto but she screws over Alex. They made the deal that they wouldn’t punish each other and now Elena screwed that up.

Seriously Elena WTF: Alex is pissed off at Elena for screwing her over. Actually, she gets so mad that Elena temporary becomes the target. Cody tells Elena that she’s crazy and when he tells you that then you’re crazy. She wonders if this 5k will make her a bigger target and Cody blushes that off. He hopes that Elena becomes a bigger target so she’ll go home instead of him.

Punishment Time: It’s time for the punishments to be unleashed in the house. Paul has to be shackled to someone and he picks Christmas. Jason has a skydiving suit and when he hears the house says he’s extreme, Jason has to say EXTREME THINGS. Honestly, I think Jason loves the punishments (Veto-toad and this) because he’s a professional rodeo clown so being silly is his wheel house. Alex has probably the worst punishment as she has to carry around heavy equipment. Then when she hears the horn, a campsite must be built where she has to cook hot dogs for everyone.

Veto Ceremony: Despite recently really hating Elena for the 5k, Cody is still the target that needs to go home. So Matthew has the veto and if uses the veto on himself then Jason and Elena will still be on the block. Ultimately Matthew uses the veto on Jason and Alex puts Cody on the block. Yep Matthew doesn’t save himself so he’s still on the block with Cody and Elena. Ughhhh my head hurts from all of this dumbness going on in Big Brother.

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Batman and Harley Quinn


Last year, the DC animated movies that are usually straight to DVD started to show them in theatres thanks to Fathom Events. The first one was the much anticipated The Killing Joke which turned out to be a critical disaster but commercially successful. The next film released by Fathom is Batman and Harley Quinn which takes a different direction from The Killing Joke. So is this movie going to be a repeat critical wise or will it rise above it?

Batman and Harley Quinn follows Batman and Nightwing investigating an attack at Star Labs. They find out that Poison Ivy and Floronic Man was behind the attack in order to transform the Earth’s population into planets. Feeling desperate, they make an uneasy alliance with Harley Quinn who’s close with Poison Ivy. It’s a race to stop the Planet duo from ruining the Earth.

Now if you’re looking for a Batman movie that’s very dramatic and has tragedic undertones then drop those expectations. This movie is a straight up comedy from start to finish. The jokes don’t solely come from Harley Quinn who’s already a comedic character but everyone in the cast. Yes, even Batman who acts more like the straight man but still delivers some great laughs. These jokes range from references to Batman’s past, physical comedy, innuendoes, and much more. They even put in the Bat Fight Words from the Batman 1966 tv show.

Melissa Rauch voices Harley Quinn and it was a bit off putting at first because it sounds so different at first. However as the movie went on, her voice really did become like Harley Quinn. Additionally, many voices from Batman: The Animated Series returns to do the voices. It’s very welcoming to hear them because that series is not only one of the greatest superhero cartoons but one of the best cartoons of all time. This includes Kevin Conroy who will forever be known as the voice of Batman. Again he pulls off this dry wit effortlessly that doesn’t feel out of place.

Not only does the voices from the animated series returns but also the animation style. It’s very nice to see that same style but having a little more of an updated feel in terms of quality and smoothness. Also, the action was really well done in terms of the fights but there was a bit of classic Looney Tunes style that was really cool. The only problem I have is some of the jokes really fall flat. It gets a bit awkward when the movie pauses for laughter even know the joke doesn’t work.

Overall Batman and Harley Quinn is a different treat but a treat nonetheless. For the most part, the comedy does work and its voice working is really good. Top that with great animation and it was really worth it to see this movie on the big screen. Batman and Harley Quinn comes out on digital HD today and Blu-ray in two weeks, so definitely check it out.

Grade: B

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Big Brother 19 Episode 22 Recap


Previously on Big Brother: When Josh won the Head of Household, his main target was set on Elena but Paul wanted Jessica out first. Eventually, the target was shifted to Jessica as Kevin tried to make a deal with Cody. Kevin’s allies became suspicious of him as Jessica was evicted from the house. At the next HOH competition, Alex won and has the power for the week.

Hooray Jury, Boo Marelena: Everyone is excited that they finally make it to the jury as Alex brags about her HOH and breaking up Jody. Josh talks about how even he didn’t think he’ll make it to the jury. Hell, even I didn’t think he would make it (click here to check out my preseason rankings to see how bad I messed up). Mark is funny but is aware of Jessica comments about Paul. He knows that Paul is running this house and no one has opposed them. Although Cody is the target, if he is safe then either Mark or Elena must go. Christmas is scared that Alex and Jason will team up with Marelena then add Cody to form a powerful alliance. Alex wants to put up Matt and Elena to ensure that one of the showmances goes up but Paul advises against that.

Suspicious Kevin: Cody is venting to Kevin about how he doesn’t have anyone in this game and he would never target Alex ever. Kevin now doesn’t work with Cody anymore because of his fight with Josh. Not only that but he doesn’t want his allies of being suspicious of him. Well, Kevin turns out to be right because everyone is talking in the HOH room on how suspicious Kevin is with Cody. They grab Kevin and talk to him with little kid gloves. Alex wanted to take Kevin to the end but now it’s not possible.

Where Were You?: Out of the blue, random sounds start playing in different rooms. Paul knows that you have to remember the sounds for the upcoming competition. Speaking of, the houseguests go into the Den of Temptation to decide if they want to compete or not for the Temptation Competition. Everyone decides to compete in the competition. The goal is to answer the most amount of questions pertaining to the sounds they heard throughout the week. It’s not about the sound but where they heard the sound. Now Cody wants to throw it so he can be the third nominee in order to play in Veto. However. Matthew is just throwing so Cody doesn’t have a chance this week. It is kind of funny seeing Cody throwing the comp. However, Cody actually gets one right which means Matthew is the third nominee. Mark wins safety for the week and is happy because hopefully, the house doesn’t think he’s all muscle.

Flip Flopper: Alex tries to decide who else can be a pawn because now Matthew is the third nominee. Jason throws Paul’s name out there who so happens to walk into the room. Paul says he’s down but really doesn’t want to be a pawn. So he tries to get Elena up as a pawn who’s pissed that she will be a pawn again. So why don’t you do something about that Elena instead of complaining? She vents to Mark and Cody about this but Christmas is pissed that she’s talking with them. Christmas calls out Mark in front of everyone for being a flip flopper. He’s pissed that she’s throwing him his name around and soon Josh gets into it. Mark just goes where the numbers are and yeah that’s his strategy.

Nominations: Matthew is the third nominee by default so the other two are Elena and Jason. Elena hates this because she feels used by the other houseguests. Cody really wants to have his chip pulled and put seeds of doubt about Paul.

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Big Brother 19 Week 6 Rankings


Welcome to my power rankings of Big Brother 19 where I rank the houseguests on how well they did and their place in the future. Keep in mind this isn’t based on who I like personally but strictly game based.


12. Jessica

At the beginning of the week, things looked pretty good for Jody. Yet their big problem this week is getting into fights. Some blame goes to Josh for not telling his plans to them but it’s like they want to be isolated from the house. Even Kevin who wanted to work with them is now against them. It sucks to see Jessica go home early but there’s no denying there were some faults


11. Cody

Same problem as Jessica with the fighting. To be honest I don’t know how he can overcome being in the house without Jessica. He’s such a huge target especially with Paul wanting him out of the house. He’s still amazing with competitions so maybe he can survive next week.


10. Mark

He kept a low profile this week but is still a big target. If Cody wins safety then Mark will be the number one target in the house.


9. Elena

Thanks to the mistakes by Jody, Christmas, and Josh, Elena is saved this week. I wouldn’t say she was close to going home but people were really gunning for her. If it wasn’t for Paul really trying to keep her safe than this whole week might have been different. She’s actually loyal to Paul and he sees that. If Paul can really trust her then he can take her far.


8. Josh

First off, congrats to Josh for winning a competition and almost having his own agenda. However, Paul wanted his way so thanks to Josh and Christmas, Jessica is out of the house. Publicly he said that Jessica was his target but it was actually Elena. So why not just tell Jessica the truth instead of either playing too coy or not cutting to the chase. He and Paul are still tight but he’s either going to get cut early by Paul or get targeted by the minority side.


7. Christmas

Christmas showed so much promise in the beginning of the week when she was defying Paul and encouraging Josh to do what he wanted to do. Then Paul got in her ear and got Christmas to use the Ring of Replacement. It’s a horrible move because it’s too early for that and that power would have been useful if she thought that a backdoor would be possible. Any thought of getting rid of Paul has died down in her because she fully has his back now.


6. Raven

Well, at least she isn’t starting fights like last week so she’s a bit higher up. Raven doesn’t have a chance to win but maybe could be the jury goat.


5. Alex

Just like Raven, she kept a low profile this week. Alex is definitely in the top three competitors in this house with Paul and Cody. The problem with Paul still remains as her biggest blind spot in the house. Also, the fact that she said that the people I like are the only people I’m going to work with is not smart. It eliminates any options that might get you to the end. She won HOH this week but will probably do whatever Paul tells her to do.


4. Matthew

Well, we did another new thing about Matthew this week … he loves showers. Yea, that’s the only thing I noticed about Matthew. If he’s going to do the Kevin strategy of making friends in the first half then making moves in the second half, Matthew has a good path ahead.


3. Jason

Jason is still doing pretty good but still has his blind spot because of Alex. When Alex goes out, Jason will trust his own instincts and maybe take out Paul.


2. Kevin

Kevin outline his strategy of staying low while making friends is what he’s been doing since the start. That’s why Kevin is always been at the top of the rankings. The reason why he’s not number one is him trying too hard to save Cody. It made his allies suspious of him but that will die down because of bigger targets in the house.


1. Paul

Even when someone wants to follow their own agenda, Paul changes their mind so it fits his own agenda instead. Making Christmas use her power was a great move for him because now there are no temptation powers left, he doesn’t have to worry about Christmas using in the future, and some people are mad at Christmas instead of him. Now with Alex winning HOH, she will do whatever he says making it another week where Paul has his way.



Annabelle: Creation Review


The Cournjiing franchise has been so far a very successful one for not only the horror genre but recent film itself. It relies on old school horror instead of laziness just to make a quick buck. With the latest film, Annabelle: Creation coming out this weekend, does it hold up to the franchise or is it a weak point? Directed by David F. Sanberg, Annabelle is a prequel to the first movie and shows how the doll became possessed. We see an orphanage move into a house from a dollmaker and his wife who lost their girl at a young age. One of the orphans discovers the doll and terror are unleashed in the house.

Annabelle features some of my personal taste in horror with the suspense building up. Of course, there’s jump scares but it doesn’t feel cheap and forced in. These scares feel more genuine than a half baked horror movie. This movie builds on the mystery builds with Annabelle and Mr.Name storyline. By the time the third act hits, the suspense is paid off and the scares begin.

The horror is more of creepiness because demons, dolls, and little girls are the perfect recipe. Creepiness just sticks with you instead of repeating jump scares. Also, David Sanberg who direct the movie Lights Out uses shadows and darkness perfectly. We’ve all had the eerie feeling of a darkened hallway when we’re in the house. David Sanberg takes that and multiplies that feeling by a thousand. Besides the scares, he directed some beautiful shots especially the extirpate shots of the house.

All of the cast was good especially when half of them were child actors. Not that child actors are bad but it’s harder to pull a good performance. Luckily Sanberg does it but all of the credit shouldn’t go to him. Talitha Bateman was really good as she expressed both vulnerable and terror. Hopefully, this is her breakout role and she’ll have a bright future ahead. All of the other girls did a really good job but the second standout performance was Anthony LaPaglia who has this world weary look in his eyes because of his tragedic backstory. Yet there’s something off about him as he’s very suspicious and might be ready to snap at any time.

If you have a chance to see Annabelle: Creation then definitely go see it. This movie is creepy and towards the end, it becomes really scary. The cinematography is beautiful and the acting is really good. This movie adds to the Conjuring impressive franchise so far.

Grade: B+

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Big Brother 19 Episode 21 Recap


Previously on Big Brother: Josh won the latest HOH and has his sights set on Elena, not Jody. Cody won the safety for the week while Jessica was put up as the third nominee. Mark and Elena were put up on the block so hopefully, Elena will go home. At the veto selection, Cody was picked but Christmas used the Ring of Replacement so she would play instead of him. Mark won the veto and Josh replaced him with Raven.

Kevin Plays a Bit Hard: Jessica thinks it’s pathetic that everyone feels so accomplished getting rid half of a duo that took five weeks. Raven is ecstatic because she has a hand in getting Jessica out which she doesn’t, you’re one of three nominees. Even know Raven is up, Josh still wants Elena out of the house. We see Kevin outline his strategy of getting along with everyone and playing harder in the second half. He plays a bit harder by telling Jessica he’ll watch out for Cody. Jessica tells Cody who’s skeptical because he doesn’t want Kevin’s game in jeopardy and knows that he’ll be a weapon in the game. Kevin tells Paul, Alex, and Jason about the plan. Alex hates this plan because she only wants to work with people who she likes and Paul hates this because of Cody’s history with him. Jason is pissed because this wasn’t a group decision.:

Just Because of a Spelling Lesson: Casual conversation happens in the kitchen with Matthew being the talk because he showers too much. They say he’s going to cause a drought so Jessica asks Josh how to spell it. He spells it correctly but Jessica becomes more passive aggressive towards him. Josh is trying really hard to be friendly with Jessica but she’s not making it easy. Paul jokes that he should tell her how do you spell evicted and Josh runs to tell her that. Jody becomes extremely pissed off at him and calls Josh fat. This hits him hard and Josh flips the switch on the target from Elena to Jessica. It all started with a spelling lesson. Not only does this hurt Jessica chances of staying but Kevin wants nothing to do with Cody.

Eviction: The nominees give their last speech before the voting starts. Raven talks about her disease, Elena makes a nice throwback to Dominique’s speech and Jessica thanks, CBS then throw some shade at her houseguests. The voting begins with Alex.

  • Alex votes for Jessica
  • Christmas votes for Jessica
  • Cody votes for Raven
  • Kevin votes for Jessica
  • Paul votes for Jessica
  • Mark votes for Jessica
  • Matthew votes for Jessica
  • Jason votes for Jessica

By a vote of 9-1-0, Jessica is evicted from the Big Brother house. Jody has one last kiss as she walks out the door. When Jessica talks to Julie, she is upset that her best friend is separated from her. Julie asks what was the last straw for her and Josh, and it was during the fourth HOH when he was harassing her on the sidelines. Also, that was the anniversary of her father’s death. She asks Jessica if this relationship is the real deal and it’s a yes. During the video messages, Josh mentions that Elena was the target not her but she played herself. Jessica didn’t know this but is happy that she’ll listen to Josh anymore.

Hocus Focus: The next Head of Household competition begins with two magicians giving a performance. The houseguests must answer truth or false questions and the last person remaining wins.

  • Round 1: Everyone is right.
  • Round 2: Kevin, Mark, Jason, & Paul are out.
  • Round 3: Everyone is right.
  • Round 4: Christmas is out.
  • Round 5: Cody, Elena, & Matt are out.
  • Round 6: Raven is out
  • Alex wins HOH!

Welcome to the Jury Phase: Julie makes small talk with Alex and Cody then announces that we’re in the jury phase. Unlike the recent seasons, there will be no Jury Buyback. That means once you’re out, that’s it you’re done. She tells everyone that they should start playing harder. Sunday is the last temptation competition, next thursday is a double eviction, and friday is a special episode!

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Big Brother 19 Episode 20 Recap


Previously on Big Brother: During week 2, Christmas won the Ring of Replacement from the Den of Temptation. She cursed Jessica, Cody, and Jason with wearing toad costumes and if they get chosen to play in the veto, she can replace them. Josh won the latest HOH competition and has his sights set on Elena. At the temptation competition, Cody won safety and Jessica became the third nominee. The other nominees are Mark and Elena.

Josh Can’t Get a Break: Josh gives a fake speech on how he wants Jessica out but he really wants Elena out. Even know Elena thinks she is a pawn, there’s a good possibility she might go home especially if Jessica wins the veto. Jessica is confident that her plan will work because now she can’t get backdoored. Josh talks to Paul, Matt, and Raven who shot down the idea of Elena going home before Jessica. He tries to talk to Jody but they shoot him down not knowing that he actually wants to get out Elena. If they only listen to a minute then this whole game could have changed.

Christmas Gives A Gift: On Day 17, Christmas confesses to Paul that she has the temptation. Cut to present day with Paul wanting Christmas to use the Ring of Replacement if Cody gets chosen. He explains to us that it will be good not only for now but later down the line if Christmas wants to use to hurt Paul’s game. Now Christmas doesn’t want to do this because it’s not Paul’s HOH. She goes to Josh and explains the temptation to him. He doesn’t want her to use it because it’s going to make getting Elena out that much harder. They both go to Paul and he says that Jody in the jury would be unfair to them in the game. It’s time for the veto ceremony and Josh explains that he has to give a sign. Mark gets pulled and he chooses Alex because he wants her to trust him. Then Cody gets drawn and after seeing a blink (no seriously that’s the sign), Christmas activates her power and pulls Cody off the block. Actually, this is a great move for Paul because now there are no temptations, this hurts Jessica chances in the veto, and Jessica is pissed at Christmas, not Paul.

Nothing Personal, Just Dumb: Jody immediately go into another room and Cody starts sobbing on Jessica’s shoulder. Yes, Cody is crying, the guy who said he will never cry in the house. She confronts him saying that it’s always them versus the house. While in the bathroom, Christmas explains to Jessica that the move wasn’t personal. Actually, she explains that it was a little personal because Cody put her up. I should be angry at bad gameplay but those scooter sound effects that play with Christmas is hilarious.

OTEV: Well it turns out that Christmas can’t compete in the veto so now it’s down to five. It’s the classic OTEV competition and this OTEV is a cute little piggy who isn’t feeling well. Turns out that our cute little piggy is possessed and starts puking up a storm. The players need to go down and get a number that responds to the question. The last person in each round gets eliminated to veto hell. In all honesty, what does veto hell look like?

  • Elena gets eliminated first
  • Jessica is eliminated second
  • Josh is eliminated in the third round
  • Alex is eliminated last
  • Mark wins the veto

Veto Ceremony: At the veto ceremony, Mark uses the veto on himself and Raven is put up the block. So what did you think of tonight’s Big Brother episode? Like this post and leave a comment down below!


Detroit Review


There’s a huge stand promoting the movie Detroit in my theatre but the one thing that stood out to me was the tagline. “It’s time we knew” really stood out for me because I didn’t know anything about Detroit riots in the late 60’s. This movie stands as something you need to see especially in today society.  Directed by Kathryn Bigelow, Detroit happens in the summer of 67 with rioting and civil unrest starts to tear apart the city of Detroit. The city becomes a war zone with the police and National Guard with guns in the streets to stop the chaos. The climax of these riots takes place in the Algiers Motel with policemen torturing innocent black men.

An important thing to note if you’re going to see this movie, it’s not an easy thing to see. This isn’t Hollywood glamorizing or glossing over the details just to make a good movie but a very realistic deception of these events. You’ll feel a wide variety of emotions ranging from disgust to pure anger when scenes of officers beating up civilians in the street. The motel incident is unflinching with the events and it will stick with you long after the movie ends. Kathryn Bigelow does a masterful job with the suspense in not only that sequence but the whole movie. Thank god there were only a few people in the theatre because I was a mess throughout the movie.

Kudos has to go to this great ensemble and there’s honestly not just one standout but several. John Boyega was amazing and his character is just so tragic because he wants everyone to get along. He perfectly plays it on his face and should get some consideration when Oscar time comes. Will Poulter portrayal of Philip Krauss made me feel disgusted and angry whenever he was on-screen. That’s a marking of a really good actor who you can make you feel extreme hate for a character because of how they play them. The other big standout is a newcomer, Algee Smith, who was fantastic and hopefully breaks out in the future.

Now again, Detroit isn’t an easy movie to watch but you definitely should see it. As of writing this, the box office isn’t doing hot so go out and support this movie. It will leave you on the edge of your seat and you’ll be blown away by some incredible performances. Also, don’t be surprised if you hear this movie get some Oscar buzz for its acting, directing, sound editing, best picture, and much more. Do yourself a favor and go see Detroit.

Grade: A

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Big Brother 19 Episode 19 Recap


Previously on Big Brother: Ever since the pool incident, Mark and Josh became bitter enemies. After Paul won the HOH, Jessica teased the power of the halting hex. Thinking it’s a buff, Paul nominated Jody but at the live eviction, the halting hex was unleashed. At the next HOH competition, Josh won it and became the Head of Household.

Thoughts on Josh’s HOH Win: Josh reflects on his journey being in the house with everyone wanting him out week 1 and now he’s the HOH. Cody isn’t shocked that Josh would nominate either him or Jessica. Paul is excited that Josh is HOH so they can finally get rid of Jody. Mark hesitates because either Josh is against Marelena or for them. We flashback to a couple of days ago with Mark and Josh making up for the past.

Marelena in the Crosshairs: While Josh and his allies are talking about the immediate reactions, Alex mentions that Mark seemed sad that Josh won. The problem is Alex said that right next to Mark. She tries to make up an excuse but Mark is very confused because why would she say that when he’s right there. Elena asks Josh if she’s going on the block and he says just celebrate for now. She pulls him into the storage room and explains why she voted him out instead of Ramses in week 4. Josh thinks if it was easy for her to vote him out, it will be easy to nominate her. He vents to Paul and Christmas about this but Paul wants Jody up instead. Christmas actually wants Josh to have his own HOH instead of Paul controlling it. She thinks Elena is a floater and to quote the great Rachel Reilley “floaters get a life vest.”

Strangest Things: It’s time for the temptation competition with the winner having safety for the week while the loser is the third nominee. One by one, everyone goes to the den to choose if they want to compete. Everyone but Christmas and Josh (because he’s the HOH) choose to be in the competition. The players all have to go throughout the blackout house, avoiding “demons” to decipher clues in order to get an item. Whoever finds the item in the fastest time wins the comp while the loser is the third nominee. This competition is a lot of fun and it’s nice to see production get a little more creative. Cody wins while Jessica becomes the third nominee. It’s a pretty good outcome for Jody as Jessica can’t be backdoored and she has a chance to win veto.

Nominations: Paul is trying to convince Josh that Jessica should be the target, not Elena. He goes to Elena and tells her to convince Josh that she’s not the target. It doesn’t go well as they bicker. He tells her that she’s manipulative and voted for him during week 4. Josh agrees that Elena is going up as a pawn but really wants her to go home this week. At the nomination ceremony, Josh nominates Mark and Elena on the block with Jessica as the third nominee.

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