Good Time Review


I feel everyone should look at their schedule and please cancel all your plans for tonight. The one thing you should do is to see the movie, Good Time. This movie has been getting some buzz around the independent film circle and got selected to compete for the Palme d’Or (the main award) at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival. Unfortunately, this movie is independent which means it’s tougher to see in some cities. It was a hassle trying to find a screening of this especially now since (in my area), the movie is now down to one showing a night. However, if you get a chance to see it, Good Time is definitely one of the best films this year so far.

Directed by Joshua Safdie and Ben Safdie, Good Time is about Connie Nikas (Robert Patterson) who takes care of his mentally handicapped brother (Ben Safdie). Connie convinces him to rob a bank so they can run off together. Unfortunately, his brother gets caught and put in jail. The only way to get him out is if Connie can get $10,000 dollars by the end of the night.

The way that the Safdie brothers shot New York City was beautiful to watch because it wasn’t too gritty nor glamorized. It’s very realistic with the shots of New York but then the neon color palate really helped the scenes pop out. The beautiful reds and blue with the orange coming from the streetlight was stunning to see. Also, the effective use of aerial shots was great for not only the city but how some sequences reflected on the tone. The whole tone was an action thriller but also some slow bits to help pace the movie. For the aerial shots, a recurring one is when Connie is driving and we see a helicopter like perspective. Whenever the car is in tight view as Connie desperately drives to save his brother which helps space out the movie. We get some moments of the beautiful city but as soon as the car is driving, it shifts to be a race against time.

The car is in tight view as Connie desperately drives to save his brother which helps space out the experience. Speaking of, the pacing was great as the film unfolds over just one day. While there are some heart pounding scenes like the bank robbery, there are some quiet scenes that balance it out. It would have been too exhausting if it was Connie running around but even he gets to sit down and take a breather.

Just like the tone, the score knows what it’s doing. Done by Oneohtrix Point Never, the music really helps elevate everything in the movie. Each track either helps the mood by relaxing us or making us insanely tense with Connie. The whole score is conducted by using electronic instruments which I thought would have been a little gimmicky. Yet it’s done so well that I’m considering buying the album when it comes out.

Now if you’re hesitant about seeing Good Times because of Robert Patterson, you should drop those expectations. He was known for being in Twilight but now that’s over and done. This makes Robert Patterson a true star as he doesn’t act as Connie but becomes him when you’re watching the movie. He really makes us feel that desperation stemming from saving his brother. This stems from the great chemistry between Connie and his brother. If that relationship didn’t work then this movie would fall apart.

As the movie progresses, we get to see how horrible Connie gets but it’s understandable. It’s interesting to see how far he’ll go to save his brother because he’s such a good con man. It’s like he has a plan after plan even know it doesn’t work out, it keeps the audience more curious as uses people like pawns on a chess board. Granted he’s doing horrible things to everyone (you can even argue that Connie shouldn’t be with his brother) but he’s still likable because of his motivations. He will backstab and manipulate everyone in his way to make sure his brother’s safety. It doesn’t make Connie a true villain but you can make the case that he’s a great recent cinema,

So please, cancel your plans and go to the nearest theatre to see Good Time. Not only is it beautifully shot but it has Robert Patterson best performance of his career so far. Everything quality about this movie should be highlighted from the tone to the wonderful score. Now while you get some movie tickets ready, I’ll be trying to find that album.

Grade: A

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