Big Brother 19 Episode 21 Recap


Previously on Big Brother: Josh won the latest HOH and has his sights set on Elena, not Jody. Cody won the safety for the week while Jessica was put up as the third nominee. Mark and Elena were put up on the block so hopefully, Elena will go home. At the veto selection, Cody was picked but Christmas used the Ring of Replacement so she would play instead of him. Mark won the veto and Josh replaced him with Raven.

Kevin Plays a Bit Hard: Jessica thinks it’s pathetic that everyone feels so accomplished getting rid half of a duo that took five weeks. Raven is ecstatic because she has a hand in getting Jessica out which she doesn’t, you’re one of three nominees. Even know Raven is up, Josh still wants Elena out of the house. We see Kevin outline his strategy of getting along with everyone and playing harder in the second half. He plays a bit harder by telling Jessica he’ll watch out for Cody. Jessica tells Cody who’s skeptical because he doesn’t want Kevin’s game in jeopardy and knows that he’ll be a weapon in the game. Kevin tells Paul, Alex, and Jason about the plan. Alex hates this plan because she only wants to work with people who she likes and Paul hates this because of Cody’s history with him. Jason is pissed because this wasn’t a group decision.:

Just Because of a Spelling Lesson: Casual conversation happens in the kitchen with Matthew being the talk because he showers too much. They say he’s going to cause a drought so Jessica asks Josh how to spell it. He spells it correctly but Jessica becomes more passive aggressive towards him. Josh is trying really hard to be friendly with Jessica but she’s not making it easy. Paul jokes that he should tell her how do you spell evicted and Josh runs to tell her that. Jody becomes extremely pissed off at him and calls Josh fat. This hits him hard and Josh flips the switch on the target from Elena to Jessica. It all started with a spelling lesson. Not only does this hurt Jessica chances of staying but Kevin wants nothing to do with Cody.

Eviction: The nominees give their last speech before the voting starts. Raven talks about her disease, Elena makes a nice throwback to Dominique’s speech and Jessica thanks, CBS then throw some shade at her houseguests. The voting begins with Alex.

  • Alex votes for Jessica
  • Christmas votes for Jessica
  • Cody votes for Raven
  • Kevin votes for Jessica
  • Paul votes for Jessica
  • Mark votes for Jessica
  • Matthew votes for Jessica
  • Jason votes for Jessica

By a vote of 9-1-0, Jessica is evicted from the Big Brother house. Jody has one last kiss as she walks out the door. When Jessica talks to Julie, she is upset that her best friend is separated from her. Julie asks what was the last straw for her and Josh, and it was during the fourth HOH when he was harassing her on the sidelines. Also, that was the anniversary of her father’s death. She asks Jessica if this relationship is the real deal and it’s a yes. During the video messages, Josh mentions that Elena was the target not her but she played herself. Jessica didn’t know this but is happy that she’ll listen to Josh anymore.

Hocus Focus: The next Head of Household competition begins with two magicians giving a performance. The houseguests must answer truth or false questions and the last person remaining wins.

  • Round 1: Everyone is right.
  • Round 2: Kevin, Mark, Jason, & Paul are out.
  • Round 3: Everyone is right.
  • Round 4: Christmas is out.
  • Round 5: Cody, Elena, & Matt are out.
  • Round 6: Raven is out
  • Alex wins HOH!

Welcome to the Jury Phase: Julie makes small talk with Alex and Cody then announces that we’re in the jury phase. Unlike the recent seasons, there will be no Jury Buyback. That means once you’re out, that’s it you’re done. She tells everyone that they should start playing harder. Sunday is the last temptation competition, next thursday is a double eviction, and friday is a special episode!

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Big Brother 19 Episode 20 Recap


Previously on Big Brother: During week 2, Christmas won the Ring of Replacement from the Den of Temptation. She cursed Jessica, Cody, and Jason with wearing toad costumes and if they get chosen to play in the veto, she can replace them. Josh won the latest HOH competition and has his sights set on Elena. At the temptation competition, Cody won safety and Jessica became the third nominee. The other nominees are Mark and Elena.

Josh Can’t Get a Break: Josh gives a fake speech on how he wants Jessica out but he really wants Elena out. Even know Elena thinks she is a pawn, there’s a good possibility she might go home especially if Jessica wins the veto. Jessica is confident that her plan will work because now she can’t get backdoored. Josh talks to Paul, Matt, and Raven who shot down the idea of Elena going home before Jessica. He tries to talk to Jody but they shoot him down not knowing that he actually wants to get out Elena. If they only listen to a minute then this whole game could have changed.

Christmas Gives A Gift: On Day 17, Christmas confesses to Paul that she has the temptation. Cut to present day with Paul wanting Christmas to use the Ring of Replacement if Cody gets chosen. He explains to us that it will be good not only for now but later down the line if Christmas wants to use to hurt Paul’s game. Now Christmas doesn’t want to do this because it’s not Paul’s HOH. She goes to Josh and explains the temptation to him. He doesn’t want her to use it because it’s going to make getting Elena out that much harder. They both go to Paul and he says that Jody in the jury would be unfair to them in the game. It’s time for the veto ceremony and Josh explains that he has to give a sign. Mark gets pulled and he chooses Alex because he wants her to trust him. Then Cody gets drawn and after seeing a blink (no seriously that’s the sign), Christmas activates her power and pulls Cody off the block. Actually, this is a great move for Paul because now there are no temptations, this hurts Jessica chances in the veto, and Jessica is pissed at Christmas, not Paul.

Nothing Personal, Just Dumb: Jody immediately go into another room and Cody starts sobbing on Jessica’s shoulder. Yes, Cody is crying, the guy who said he will never cry in the house. She confronts him saying that it’s always them versus the house. While in the bathroom, Christmas explains to Jessica that the move wasn’t personal. Actually, she explains that it was a little personal because Cody put her up. I should be angry at bad gameplay but those scooter sound effects that play with Christmas is hilarious.

OTEV: Well it turns out that Christmas can’t compete in the veto so now it’s down to five. It’s the classic OTEV competition and this OTEV is a cute little piggy who isn’t feeling well. Turns out that our cute little piggy is possessed and starts puking up a storm. The players need to go down and get a number that responds to the question. The last person in each round gets eliminated to veto hell. In all honesty, what does veto hell look like?

  • Elena gets eliminated first
  • Jessica is eliminated second
  • Josh is eliminated in the third round
  • Alex is eliminated last
  • Mark wins the veto

Veto Ceremony: At the veto ceremony, Mark uses the veto on himself and Raven is put up the block. So what did you think of tonight’s Big Brother episode? Like this post and leave a comment down below!


Detroit Review


There’s a huge stand promoting the movie Detroit in my theatre but the one thing that stood out to me was the tagline. “It’s time we knew” really stood out for me because I didn’t know anything about Detroit riots in the late 60’s. This movie stands as something you need to see especially in today society.  Directed by Kathryn Bigelow, Detroit happens in the summer of 67 with rioting and civil unrest starts to tear apart the city of Detroit. The city becomes a war zone with the police and National Guard with guns in the streets to stop the chaos. The climax of these riots takes place in the Algiers Motel with policemen torturing innocent black men.

An important thing to note if you’re going to see this movie, it’s not an easy thing to see. This isn’t Hollywood glamorizing or glossing over the details just to make a good movie but a very realistic deception of these events. You’ll feel a wide variety of emotions ranging from disgust to pure anger when scenes of officers beating up civilians in the street. The motel incident is unflinching with the events and it will stick with you long after the movie ends. Kathryn Bigelow does a masterful job with the suspense in not only that sequence but the whole movie. Thank god there were only a few people in the theatre because I was a mess throughout the movie.

Kudos has to go to this great ensemble and there’s honestly not just one standout but several. John Boyega was amazing and his character is just so tragic because he wants everyone to get along. He perfectly plays it on his face and should get some consideration when Oscar time comes. Will Poulter portrayal of Philip Krauss made me feel disgusted and angry whenever he was on-screen. That’s a marking of a really good actor who you can make you feel extreme hate for a character because of how they play them. The other big standout is a newcomer, Algee Smith, who was fantastic and hopefully breaks out in the future.

Now again, Detroit isn’t an easy movie to watch but you definitely should see it. As of writing this, the box office isn’t doing hot so go out and support this movie. It will leave you on the edge of your seat and you’ll be blown away by some incredible performances. Also, don’t be surprised if you hear this movie get some Oscar buzz for its acting, directing, sound editing, best picture, and much more. Do yourself a favor and go see Detroit.

Grade: A

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Big Brother 19 Episode 19 Recap


Previously on Big Brother: Ever since the pool incident, Mark and Josh became bitter enemies. After Paul won the HOH, Jessica teased the power of the halting hex. Thinking it’s a buff, Paul nominated Jody but at the live eviction, the halting hex was unleashed. At the next HOH competition, Josh won it and became the Head of Household.

Thoughts on Josh’s HOH Win: Josh reflects on his journey being in the house with everyone wanting him out week 1 and now he’s the HOH. Cody isn’t shocked that Josh would nominate either him or Jessica. Paul is excited that Josh is HOH so they can finally get rid of Jody. Mark hesitates because either Josh is against Marelena or for them. We flashback to a couple of days ago with Mark and Josh making up for the past.

Marelena in the Crosshairs: While Josh and his allies are talking about the immediate reactions, Alex mentions that Mark seemed sad that Josh won. The problem is Alex said that right next to Mark. She tries to make up an excuse but Mark is very confused because why would she say that when he’s right there. Elena asks Josh if she’s going on the block and he says just celebrate for now. She pulls him into the storage room and explains why she voted him out instead of Ramses in week 4. Josh thinks if it was easy for her to vote him out, it will be easy to nominate her. He vents to Paul and Christmas about this but Paul wants Jody up instead. Christmas actually wants Josh to have his own HOH instead of Paul controlling it. She thinks Elena is a floater and to quote the great Rachel Reilley “floaters get a life vest.”

Strangest Things: It’s time for the temptation competition with the winner having safety for the week while the loser is the third nominee. One by one, everyone goes to the den to choose if they want to compete. Everyone but Christmas and Josh (because he’s the HOH) choose to be in the competition. The players all have to go throughout the blackout house, avoiding “demons” to decipher clues in order to get an item. Whoever finds the item in the fastest time wins the comp while the loser is the third nominee. This competition is a lot of fun and it’s nice to see production get a little more creative. Cody wins while Jessica becomes the third nominee. It’s a pretty good outcome for Jody as Jessica can’t be backdoored and she has a chance to win veto.

Nominations: Paul is trying to convince Josh that Jessica should be the target, not Elena. He goes to Elena and tells her to convince Josh that she’s not the target. It doesn’t go well as they bicker. He tells her that she’s manipulative and voted for him during week 4. Josh agrees that Elena is going up as a pawn but really wants her to go home this week. At the nomination ceremony, Josh nominates Mark and Elena on the block with Jessica as the third nominee.

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The Dark Tower Review


After years of waiting, fans finally have the film adaption of The Dark Tower written by Stephen King. The film has been in development hell for years with directors like Ron Howard and J.J Abrams attached to the project but nothing happened. It wasn’t until recently that the movie finally got made and was intended to launch not only a franchise but a tv show. So after years of hype does The Dark Tower live up to the excitement.

Directed by Nikolaj Arcel, the movie is about Jake (Tom Taylor) who has been having routinely dreams that involve a tower. The Man in Black (Matthew McConaughey) wants to destroy the tower so he can unleash hell on our world. When Jake meets up with the Gunslinger (Idris Elba), they team up to stop the destruction of the dark tower.

Both Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey give some great performances as their presences are definitely felt throughout the movie. It’s a shame that Idris Elba isn’t such a huge name because he’s a great actor. Even with the problems this movie has, he always outshines. Matthew McConaughey as the Man in Black was an absolute delight because you can tell he was having fun being bad. There was this swagger to him that was infectious that light up the screen every time he was on. Even Tom Taylor whose’s not only a newcomer but a child actor did a good job.

The design of the Mid-World was different than what I was expecting. From the first shot, it shows a suburban town on like a crater which did catch my eye. We get a taste of the Mid-World but not enough that we know about that world. Also, the costumes from the Gunslinger and the Man in Black are so awesome. From the western clothes to the straight black trench coat, I wouldn’t be opposed to cosplay as them.

Now I have never read the book but it’s probably longer than the Bible. So naturally, you would think the runtime would be long to fit everything in but it clocks in at 95 minutes. Surprisingly the movie should have been longer because it feels very rushed. You never have a moment to catch your breath and instead have to take in a lot of information that isn’t explained. This hurts not only the people who are newcomers to the series but loyal fans as well. I was confused at the unexplained mythology while fans were peeved at moments being glanced over. Hopefully, if the tv show gets made then the gaps will be filled in.

Despite that, I was pretty invested in The Dark Tower. With good performances and designs, the movie has still stuck with me despite its confusing moments. If there the tv show is going to happen then after seeing this movie, I’m down for that.

Grade: C+

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Big Brother 19 Week 5 Rankings


Welcome to my power rankings of Big Brother 19 where I rank the houseguests on how well they did and their place in the future. Keep in mind this isn’t based on who I like personally but strictly game based.


12. Cody

Cody couldn’t just keep his head down all week but he instead started fights and added gasoline to the fire. The fight after the nomination ceremony not only hurt himself with the majority but also made Jessica break up with him. Luckily he’s a beast in the competitions so maybe he can pull off a temptation competition or veto win.


11. Mark

Although he won safety for the week, Mark still had a not good week. His fight with Josh almost got him out of the house and push him away from not only the majority but Elena. She has slowly pushed him away for the past week and the fight with Josh was the final straw. It’s like they’re broken up and it’s clouding Mark’s judgment. He did makeup with Josh later in the week so that’s a bright spot. He’ll be a big target if Jody is not on the block.


10. Jessica

While it was very satisfying to see Jessica Colby reveal her temptation, it was unnecessary. If she would have kept her mouth shut then perhaps all of the drama could have been avoided.


9. Raven

At the beginning of the game, there was a point where no one wanted Raven out. Hell, people wanted her to win the game but this week is where her true colors showed. The guise of the sweet southern belle is gone when she fought with Jessica. People have been getting annoyed by her so I think it’s just going to get worse and worse for Raven.


8. Josh

Josh is just a wildcard, from banging pots and pans to feeling a little remorseful to back to banging pots and pans again. It’s not good gameplay but Paul wants him around as a meat shield. It’s going to be interesting to see him as HOH because he’ll probably listen to Paul or maybe just go on his own but we’ll see.


7. Elena

There was a possibility that she would be with Jody as people who the majority want out. Now, will she be a target in the future, probably yes? For now, there are other big targets (Jody and Mark) so for the time being Elena will be safe.


6. Alex

Even now she has a secret alliance with Paul, Alex is an easy target from the majority. Her petty fight with Jessica just blows up her target even more. If she volunteers to be a pawn then don’t be surprised if Alex goes home.


5. Christmas

Nothing really changed about Christmas this week. She still has a bum leg, she’s tight with everyone, and is on no one’s radar.


4. Jason

While the veto ceremony wasn’t good for him, Jason is pretty strong in the game. He continues to question Paul’s authority but doesn’t act because of Alex and it’s too early. I’m seeing Jason going down the long haul.


3. Paul

The only bad thing that Paul did this week was winning the competitions. Matthew and Raven could have won and done his bidding for him then the veto as well. However, he has complete control over the house so the competitions wins are just unnecessary. That being said, the majority just worship him and with Josh as HOH, he’s going to listen to Paul. As the weeks go on, it seems less likely that someone will take him out.


2. Matthew

Maybe because everyone is so bad but I was very impressed by Matthew. I’m starting to see him as someone who will turn it on at the end. Not only was he not involved in the fight but told his allies that they were crazy to question Cody’s military status. He’s still a wallflower but I’m starting to see Matthew more as a contender to maybe win.


  1. Kevin

While he’s tight with Paul, I don’t see him as a blind follower. Hell, he made a comment saying that imagine if a Jim Jones figure was in the house, alluding to Paul. He’s respected by everyone and isn’t getting into fights. While yes he isn’t good in the competitions, his social game is by far one of the best in the house.


Big Brother 19 Episode 18 Recap


Previously on Big Brother: Jessica won the power of the Halting Hex which can stop an eviction before the vote. After Paul became HOH, she immediately started to be coy about the power. He thought it was a buff and put Jody up anyway then won the Veto. She did reveal the full power so Paul devises a plan to act like Jessica best interest is to not use the Hex. The episode ended on a cliffhanger if Jessica would use the Hex or not.

Paul told Jessica that Cody was going to use his other allies to take her out. Jessica doesn’t know what to believe so she talks to Matt if there’s any truth to what Paul said. He doesn’t give a clear answer and it’s filled with some awkward pauses. Basically, he told her that it’s not important now so she talks with Cody. He swears on everything he has that the plan to eventually take out Jessica is not true. In a flashback, we see that it wasn’t really a plan but more of a suggestion.

Let’s Make a Deal: In the last episode, we saw Paul make a deal with Jessica that if she doesn’t use the Hex this week then Alex would go home in either the next two weeks. Of course, Paul is lying but he needs everyone on board to ensure Jessica. He goes to his allies and tells about the deal but also Alex won’t go home. Mark and Elena are also told the plan but thinks Alex is going home. Mark sees that as a good move for Cody to go out because it means him and Elena will get closer.

POV Meeting: Paul won the veto so all the power is with him. He can take Jason off the block (which means there’s no replacement because he’s the third nominee) or take Jessica off which might make her use the Hex next week instead. Jason gives a speech which implies Cody is the target and should go home. Jessica just says world peace and Cody doesn’t give a speech which is freaking funny. Paul uses the veto on Jason and is pissed off at Jody for mocking the game. Listen I love Big Brother but it’s not a deadly serious game. There are wacky sound effect, crazy diary room sessions, and you wear silly costumes during ridiculous competitions so get off your high horse, Paul. Jessica is mad at Jason’s speech and doesn’t want Cody to be attacked.Jason, Kevin, and Raven are talking but as soon as Jessica walks in, the conversation changes when Jason gives a signal. However, Jessica catches this and is pissed at Raven. Jessica calls Raven out for lying but she swears there was no lying and tells her to look in her eyes but that’s what she did before Ramses was evicted. Raven pulls Jody into the room but Cody asks why is she against them. It falls under that the whole house is against them so you gotta join the house. Jessica tells Cody to stop talking to her because she’s untrustworthy. Raven goes back to Paul about what happened so he goes to Jessica. She tells him that the deal is off the table and the Hex will be used on Thursday.

The Heat is On: Paul is pissed that Jessica broke her word so he rallies up the house against Jessica. Of course, Josh has his pots and pans ready to belt out the circus song. It’s all fun until Jessica walks to the kitchen. Raven and Alex are yelling at her as the fight becomes who stole Alex’s cat ears. Alex brings this up to show how petty Jessica is but aren’t you the pettier one for bringing it up? Cody takes Jessica outside but Paul rallies the troops to attack them. Hell, even Paul calls his allies “his dogs” which Cody didn’t even call them that. Matthew is embarrassed for everyone because they can’t act this way. If you don’t watch the feeds then also keep in mind that Paul and Christmas were trying to attack Cody’s military status. The only one that wasn’t cool for it was Matthew so kudos for him for being a human being.

Halting Hex Rise, Eviction Night Dies: It’s finally time for eviction so the two nominees give their last words. Jessica officially reveals the Halting Hex so the eviction is now halted.

Big Brother Horror Week: Using a zombie leg (golf club), the houseguest must putt an eyeball (ball) to a slot. The houseguest with the highest score becomes the new HOH.

  • Matthew – 6
    Alex – 2
    Mark – 15
    Jason – 15
    Cody – 21
    Christmas – 21
    Elena – 13
    Jessica – 2
    Josh – 23
    Raven – 13
    Kevin – 6

Which means the Josh is the new Head of Household. That’s right, the meatball reign begins.


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Big Brother 19 Episode 17 Recap


Previously on Big Brother: Jessica won the final Den of Temptation which granted her the power of the Halting Hex. The Halting Hex can stop an eviction either for this week or next week. After Paul won the Head of Household, Jessica alluded to the power but other people doubted her. The final curse of the Den of Temptation can in the form of another competition which grants one houseguest safety while the loser will be the third nominee. Mark won safety while Jason became the third nominee. In order to call their bluff, Paul nominated Jody on the block.

Playing Coy: After nominations, Paul thinks he’s in the clear because nothing happened at the nomination ceremony. Jessica doesn’t care because of her power but still talks to Paul with Cody. He explains that he thought that they had the safety so what’s the point of nominating them. Again Jessica is playing very coy with her power which still is confusing Paul. He tells her to lower down their voices but Cody immediately goes on the defense and tells him to shut the **** up. It gets nasty so Jessica makes Cody leave the room and chews him out for poor social play. Cody doesn’t care which makes Jessica extremely upset.

A Song of Pots and Pans: Paul comes out of the HOH room to complain to all of his allies about Cody. This makes Josh go on a tirade about Jody which makes Mark upset. He doesn’t understand why Josh needs to get involved (which begs the question on why Mark is getting involved?). The tirade switches to Josh yelling at the top of his voice at Mark which becomes heated. It all climaxes when Josh takes the pot and pan, banging them together to annoy Mark. He rushes towards Josh and almost becomes violent so production tells them to go to opposite sides of the house. Cody takes Mark away and they talk about their sorrows in the game.

Wait Am I Recapping Big Brother or General Hospital?: This segment takes up a majority of the episode with Jody potentially breaking it up. It begins with Jessica finally telling Paul about the details of the Halting Hex and he’s not happy. Yet a plan starts to form with Paul and his allies trying to convince Jessica not to use the Hex this week. The main idea is to try to make Cody as someone who’s bad for Jessica. Combine with the fight they had earlier, the plan could work. Christmas goes to Jessica appearing as a supporting best friend but she’s just doing Paul’s bidding. Actually, Christmas does a good job trying to convince her. Suddenly Cody grabs his stuff and walks out of the room. Jody talks and she’s mad at him for being a hothead. He tells her that the way he acts is the way he acts. It appears that Jody is not going well with Cody telling her that he’s bad in this game and she’s better off without him.

BB Storm Watch: The tv in the living room begins to show the BB storm watch with references to the evicted houseguests. Well, at least they got Cameron’s name right so that’s a plus. Everyone except for Jody studies for the competition. Next morning, the players are picked which is Kevin (by Paul’s choice) and Raven. One by one, the players go out to the backyard to read the teleprompter and answer questions based on the storm watch. While they’re reading, gusting winds and rain come to distract the players from the teleprompter. The winner of the BB Storm Watch is Paul.

Jessica’s Choice: Interestingly the end of this episode is not the veto ceremony but it’s all Jessica decision to use the hex. Paul and his allies are still campaigning to her about not using the hex. Jessica tries to get a deal together that if she doesn’t use her hex this week, Alex will go home next week. Paul agrees but tells us that she would be an idiot to accept it. The episode ends with Jessica weighing out her options if she should use the hex to save Cody and herself or to save herself next week.

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The Emoji Movie Review


Remember when the LEGO Movie was announced, people just called it a cash grab. It’s just Hollywood running out of ideas but then it came out and people loved it. Then the Emoji movie was announced and I was reminding myself of the initial reaction to a LEGO movie. Sure it’s about Emojis (a fairly recent thing) but it can’t be that bad. But sadly this movie is far from greatness, it’s quite the opposite.

Set inside a smartphone, we find out emojis are actually real. Each emoji has to stick to their emotion but Meh (TJ Miller) can’t get it right. He just can’t act meh enough but instead, has a whole complex set of expressions. After messing up, he becomes an outcast until he meets other outcasts, Jailbreak (Anna Farris) and High Five (James Corben). They set out through the smartphone to achieve their own personal goals.

If that summary seems familiar to you then you’re right. It’s like The LEGO Movie, Inside Out, and Wreck it Ralph blended together. Hell, even the surprise princess reveal from Wreck it Ralph is actually in here. At least one big component they all had was heart which is sadly lacking here. We felt at least something for those characters but The Emoji Movie is just lifeless. It’s just manufactured by lazy studio executives that thought “hey emojis are popular so why not make a quick buck”. You could make a movie about emojis work but if you’re just going to cram in references like Spotify, Just Dance, and other apps instead of focusing on the story then what’s the point. It’s not just referenced, it becomes detours in the movie. If you cut all of that out, you’re left with a third of the movie.

Even with the main story doesn’t have anything original added to it. Not only because of movies that are similar but the cliches as well. You got the message of being yourself throughout the movie but there’s nothing new to it. Then we get our cliches character that you know what’s going to happen to them the second they’re on screen.

Although it really isn’t a positive, the voice acting is okay. I was honestly excited for Patrick Stewart as the poop emoji but he only had a couple of lines. Everyone else is recognizable but that doesn’t mean it’s already a hit. It’s just that no one really stands out but it’s not their fault. As established, the writing really brings down this movie to horrible levels.

The Emoji Movie is one of the laziness movies I’ve ever seen. It took something that was recently popular and just made it so dull. Not even the voice actors can’t bring anything to the horrible writing. There are better kids movies out there so please don’t waste your time and money with this one.

Grade: F

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Big Brother 19 Episode 16 Recap


Previously on Big Brother: Jessica won the final Den of Temptation which granted her the power of the Halting Hex. This can stop an eviction which is good for this week and next week. She also won the Head of Household and nominated Ramses as the pawn and Josh as the target. However, Paul wanted Josh in the game so he turned the tide against Ramses. It ended up working with Ramses leaving the game and Paul won the HOH. While Julie was talking to everyone after the competition, Jessica vaguely revealed that she would be safe thanks to the temptation.

Trouble with the Showmances: Paul is mad because what Jessica said just messed everything up. He’s suspicious that Jessica is buffing and causes a stir in the kitchen. The reason why she revealed is to strong arm Paul into nominating another pair instead of Jody. While that is going on, Josh tells Elena she seemed shocked that he stayed. Elena is pissed off because she thought everyone was going to vote out Josh. Mark isn’t happy because he has to hear Josh for another week. He and Cody talk about how their outsiders in the game and is pissed off at Matt for the blindside. Meanwhile, Paul has a strategy talk and Jason tells him to put up Jody in order to reveal their buff. He’s ready to make big boy moves this week.

Bowlerina: Since Jessica accepted the temptation, a curse in the form of a competition is placed for three weeks. The winner will be safe for the week and the loser will be a third nominee. One by one, the houseguests enter the den to say if they want to compete or not. Cody wants to compete but Jessica wants the house to feel comfortable so they can trust them. The houseguests that compete are Alex, Matthew, Jason, and Mark. The comp is called Bowlerina with the goal of knocking down your bowling pins. There’s a gate which will drop if you spin 15 times. The fastest houseguest will be safe for the week while the loser will be the third nominee. Jason is terrible at this and keeps getting more dizzier as the time goes. Alex does good but everything relies on Mark losing. Luckily Mark has the best time so far. It’s up to Matthew to win but he falls short as Mark wins safety for the week.

Nominations: Paul needs to readjust his plan because of Mark’s safety. Jessica pulls Paul aside to talk about the temptation. She’s still being very vague about her power which just leaves Paul more confused. Paul’s side has a strategy session with Alex and Matthew volunteering as pawns. Ultimately Paul sticks to his original plan to nominate Jessica and Cody. Jessica shakes her head and Paul looks so puzzled by their reaction. The reason why he nominated them is to reveal this secret power.

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