Big Brother 19 Episode 36 Recap


Previously on Big Brother: Alex and Jason were blindsided in the double eviction as Jason went home. Alex won the HOH and got out Raven as Paul convinced her not to go after Christmas and Paul. Josh is realizing that Paul is playing a double game and might take his shot at him. He won the HOH and put up Alex and Kevin on the block. Tonight, we have a surprise eviction as Julie warns the houseguests.

Conflicted Josh: Josh is thinking about backdooring Paul because he thinks about the final two and how he might lose. Alex retreats to the apple room where she cries with Josh but’s all ruse. She is pissed and wants to play dirty now but Josh is trying to rile her up because he wants Paul out. However, it does work because now Josh is crying (but what else is new). What should worry Josh is Christmas telling him that she won’t be in the final two with him. This should be alarm bells ringing so loud like the pots and pans banging together. Then Paul slaps him over the mistake of confronting a fake crying Alex.

BB Comics: It’s time for the Veto and we are continuing the theme of the week, BB Comics. The houseguests go out to the backyard to find comic book covers of themselves. Now Christmas can’t compete in this competition because of the zip line. The goal is for each houseguest to use the zip line and see all of the comic book covers. Using their memory, they have to place the covers in the exact order. However, there are decoy covers that won’t count if they’re used. The houseguest with the fastest time wins the Veto. With 12 minutes, Paul wins and Alex is excited because now they’re both safe.

Friendship is a Lie: Paul actually does feel bad for cutting Alex and decides to tell her the truth now isn’t of blindsiding her. He tells her that he can’t use the Veto on her because she’s a beast. There are no fake tears here, Alex is hurt that Paul would betray her even after she threw a bunch of competitions for him. He actually feels remorse and has a three-way hug with Josh and Christmas while he sobs. At the veto ceremony, Alex begs for him to use it but he doesn’t use it.

Eviction: Before we get to the voting, the nominees have some last words. Kevin give some shout outs and Alex gives a tearful speech while telling everyone to vote for American’s Favorite Player. It’s time for vote

  • Christmas votes for Alex
  • Kevin votes for Kevin

We have a tie which means Josh will cast the last vote. He tearfully explains that he must vote out Alex. With that, Alex is evicted from the Big Brother house. She grabs her coke and walks out of the house. During her interview, she explains that she should of listen to Jason instead.

HOH: This HOH is called What the Bleep and it involves the houseguests answering questions based on what other people said this season.

  • Round 1: Everyone gets a point.
  • Round 2: Paul gets a point.
  • Round 3: Everyone gets a point.
  • Round 4: Paul gets a point.
  • Round 5: Paul gets a point
  • Paul wins.

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Big Brother 19 Episode 35 Recap


Previously on Big Brother: Paul had a plan to have no blood on his hands when Jason was evicted. He got the vote to a tie and Christmas evicted Jason. Josh was skeptical about Paul but still went through with the plan. During the double eviction, Alex won HOH and put up Kevin and Raven. Josh won the veto and Raven was evicted from the house.

Double Eviction Aftermath: Paul congrats everyone on making it to the final five while we flashback to right after Jason was evicted. Paul and Josh have a “fight” which might be as badly acted as the BB Revengers. Alex is very upset and blames Jason’s eviction on Raven and Josh because Paul said so. After Raven and Kevin is nominated, Josh starts to really break down and cry hysterically on the couch. Christmas and Paul are annoyed at him because it’s a game and he shouldn’t take it personally. Before the vote for Raven, Josh decides to cast a sympathy vote and not go with the majority. After she leaves, Josh goes to cry and Alex confronts him. Paul joins Josh in tears and Alex leaves them alone. Then in a second, Paul stops crying and tells Josh they’re good. Seeing Paul change emotions that quickly has Josh scared.

Another Comp, Another Throw: Alex is shocked that not only Jason is gone but Kevin is still here. She believes that all of the control in this game was hers but now it’s all gone. Paul sees that Alex is the biggest competition target and wants her out this week. The plan is to get Josh to be HOH and get Alex out while Paul has no blood on his hands. That means Kevin has to throw the competition.

BB Revengers: It’s time for the Head of Household competition and the houseguest are shown a trailer for the BB Revengers. Past houseguests come back as superheroes and supervillains in this mock trailer. The houseguests have to answer questions about the trailer. In the first couple of rounds, Kevin gets it right which makes Paul suspicious. Then Kevin falls in line and starts to throw the HOH. In the end, Josh wins and everything is going great for Paul.

Nominations: Josh is still tempted to make his shot at Paul this week. Ultimately, Josh nominates Kevin and Alex on the block. He calls out Kevin for being a floater and Alex for being a beast at competitions. Although he’s agreeing with Paul, Josh might just take that shot this week.

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Big Brother 19 Week 10 Cast Rankings


Welcome to my power rankings of Big Brother 19 where I rank the houseguests on how well they did and their place in the future. Keep in mind this isn’t based on who I like personally but strictly game based.


7. Jason

It looks like the cowboy didn’t see it coming which is crazy because that’s what happened to Matthew last week. The original plan last week was for the final nominations to be Matthew and Kevin to make it seem like Kevin was the target. Now Christmas does the original plan this week and got blindsided because of that. His biggest blind spot in this game was Alex. He had some correct instincts but she immediately shut that down because of Paul’s “friendship franchise”. It’s going to be interesting to see how bitter he will be in the jury house.


6. Raven

Raven seemed to me like Victoria from Big Brother 16. They were both useless in the game and were carried by the player who dominated their respective season. Nothing really to say about Raven, she was useless.


5. Alex

Just like Jason, she was duped by the same plan that was hatched last week. Now I get why she didn’t put up Paul but seriously not Christmas and Josh? Christmas voted Jason over Kevin in a tie vote and she puts up Raven and Kevin? Her short stint as HOH was just terrible and unless she wins Veto, Alex will be joining Jason in the jury house.


4. Kevin

Kevin didn’t really do anything expect for being the pawn. He’ll be gone at the Final Four.


3. Christmas

She’s fully on board for Paul while Josh has his doubts. It’s the best move Christmas has if she gets taken to the end but her social game is not good. If she’s up against Josh or Paul, she’ll lose.


2. Josh

Josh is so close but far away from getting Paul out of the house. He knows what Paul is doing and is entertaining thoughts of getting rid of him. Yet like Jason, he has someone (Christmas) shutting those down because of blind loyalty for Paul. Now, his best move was the goodbye message for Jason. Throwing Paul under the bus is fantastic because Jason will be bitter at him and might poison the jury against Paul. While it’s not a guaranteed win, Josh has a better shot at winning the game.


1. Paul

The way that he got everyone to throw the Head of Household at Final Seven was masterful. You could say it was too cute but it did work. Then planning Jason’s exit was great and the fake fight with Josh helped be off the block when Alex was HOH. The only bad thing (that he doesn’t know) is Josh throwing him under the bus. He’s still a lock to win but it won’t be as easy as we thought.


IT (2017) Review


When the trailers were released, a lot of people commented that the new IT movie is a lot like Stranger Things. What’s funny is Stranger Things took a lot from Stephen King books like Stand By Me because of the youth elements. So now IT feels a bit like Stranger Things but that’s a good thing. What that show did so well blend in those elements with some genuinely chilling moments. This movie is not just a good horror movie but a great coming of age story.

Directed by Andrés Muschietti, IT is set in Derry, Maine where kids are rapidly disappearing. Pennywise the Dancing CLown (Bill Skarsgård) takes the kids and one day, he takes Georgie. Georgie’s brother, Bill (Jaeden Lieberher), sets out with his friends and tries to find Pennywise. All of them must face their own fear and stop Pennywise from hurting more children.

This movie has two distinct type of stories, the coming of age and the horror, that meshes beautifully together. The reason this movie is considered a coming of age story is that the Losers Club is forced to grow up thanks to Pennywise. When they’re faced with their own personal fears, it challenges them. All of the fears make sense for each character and are both scary but sad as well. A problem in some horror movies isn’t the monsters but who the monster is after. If there isn’t any connection with those characters than the movie will suck. Not only do you care about the Losers Club but you’ll feel like you’re a part of them. I looked at my watch to see what time was left, not that the movie was boring but I wanted more time with these characters.

Every single kid is cast perfectly with many highlights. Jaeden Lieberher as Bill was such a fantastic leader for this gang. He’s the most gung-ho about getting Pennywise because of his brother. Sophia Lillis is a newcomer and definitely will be on people’s radar. Her journey of self-discovery was so fascinating to watch as it feels so realistic and relatable. Speaking of Stranger Things, Finn Wolfhard stars as Richie, their smart-ass friend. He has the right amount of humor that’s really funny but it doesn’t become overbearing. Whoever was the casting director when it came to the kids, kudos to you because you did a fantastic job.

Even with all the talk about the kids, the horror really shines. None of the scares feel cheap and doesn’t happen too often where you expect it. It’s more of a sequence than a blip of fright that’s on the screen. Yet nothing is scarier than Bill Skarsgård as Pennywise. Just as a performance, he’s so good under all of that makeup and tight suit yet he moves so well. It doesn’t feel tight and he’s very limber which leaves us some good moments. Then you hear his voice which starts out as lighthearted then quickly turn dark and scary. Overall, he’s just having so much fun being Pennywise that you can feel it and maybe have some fun with him.

If you’re looking to see a great horror movie then you need to see IT. Bill Skarsgård is so great as Pennywise and has a lot of fun scaring the Loser’s Club. Yet when you’re watching IT, you get to see a fantastic coming of age story. All of the kids in the Losers Club give amazing performances and you’ll really feel like you’re a part of the gang. It’s funny, sad, heartwarming, chilling, creepy, scary, charming, and much more. IT is in theatres now and I highly recommend you see it.

Grade: A

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Big Brother 19 Episode 34 Recap


Previously on Big Brother: Paul has a plan to get in good with all of the pairs remaining in the house. His goal is for them to turn on each other while he has no blood on his hands. Christmas wins the HOH and wants to target Jason and Alex. Josh gets suspicious of Paul and realizes he has no blood on his hands. Paul wins the veto and removes Alex off the block while Kevin becomes a replacement nominee.

My Tie: Kevin doesn’t understand what they’re doing and is sad that he might go home on Thursday. Alex is excited that Kevin is finally going home but this is what Paul wants. If Kevin is uncomfortable, then Jason and Alex become more comfortable. For this eviction, the voting will come down towards a tie vote and Christmas will cast the tie breaker. Yet Josh is uncomfortable with this because all of the blood will be on his hands.

Eviction #1: Julie Chen announces that tonight will be a double eviction! No time to waste so let’s go to the vote

  • Alex votes for Kevin
  • Raven votes for Jason
  • Paul votes for Kevin
  • Josh votes for Jason

We have a tie which means Christmas will cast the final vote. She votes for Jason as he becomes the latest houseguest evicted. He just storms out of here while Alex tries to say that she wasn’t involved. Paul and Josh have a “fight” while we go to Jason for an interview. He says they’re a bunch of counterfeits fell in the house and is pissed off. He has no clue what just happened. We get some goodbye messages with Josh revealing that it was Paul that got him out as well as being in an alliance with him and Christmas. Immediately after Paul, lies in his goodbye message and Jason is done with Paul.

HOH: This competition is called Fake News with Julie saying headlines that may or may not be true and the houseguest will receive a point if they get it right.

  • Round 1: Everyone gets a point.
  • Round 2: Raven, Kevin, and Alex get a point.
  • Round 3: Everyone gets a point.
  • Round 4: Everyone but Kevin gets a point.
  • Round 5: Alex and Josh get a point.
  • Round 6: Everyone gets a point.
  • Round 7: Everyone gets a point.

Alex wins the Head of Household as nominations will happen right now. She puts up Raven and Kevin up on the block.

Veto: There are now only six people left in the house which means everyone has a shot at Veto. The houseguests must dig through a pit of lemons to find a lime and put it in their tube. The first person to get four limes in their tube and hit their buzzer will win the Veto. Alex has a solid lead until Josh comes in right behind her. He takes the lead and has all four limes in but forgot about his buzzer. Julie is yelling at him to hit his buzzer and he wins the Power of Veto. He chooses to not use the Power of Veto.

Eviction #2: The double eviction is wrapping up so let’s get to the voting.

  • Paul votes for Raven
  • Christmas votes for Raven
  • Kevin votes for Kevin

By a vote of 2-1, Raven is evicted from the Big Brother house. She sobs out of the house (let’s be honest, it’s probably fake) as Josh tries to apologize. She does a cartwheel when she gets out and has her interview with Julie. Just look at Julie’s face during the interview and it’s worth it. However, the biggest news is that there will be a Celebrity Big Brother in the winter. By God, I want Bobby Moynihan in that house.

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Big Brother 19 Episode 33 Recap


Previously on Big Brother: Paul’s plan is to be tight with all three pairs in the house while they backstab each other without getting blood on his hands. After breaking up Maven, he masterfully executed a plan that everyone will throw the HOH to either Josh or Christmas. Christmas won and set her sights on breaking up Alex and Jason. She tells them that Kevin is the real target this week while they’re nominated as “pawns”.

Be Normal and Eat Steak: Alex is a little freaked out because she expected to go up but not Jason. She calms herself down because they think Kevin is the real target. Paul acts dumb about the nominations towards Jason but he’s suspicious. He calms Jason down and tells him to “be normal and eat steak”. However, Kevin almost slips the beans to Jason and fuels his paranoia more. Thankfully for Paul, Josh talks to Jason and do some damage control. It starts to work but Christmas and Alex calm him down even more.

What’s The Deal With Paul: When Jason was freaking out towards Josh, Paul came in to also do some damage control. Josh noticed how great of a player he is and even almost got duped by him. He gets even more suspicious when Jason starts talking later but it sounds like someone is planting those seeds in him. Of course, it’s Paul and Josh is up to him. He goes to Christmas and voices his opinion on how sneaky Paul is becoming. Josh even compares him to Vanessa (BB17), Derrick (BB16), and even the legendary Dan Gheesling. Yet Christmas doesn’t like this and shuts down

BOBBY MOYNIHAN: It’s time to pick players for the veto! The players in this competition are Raven, Paul, and Kevin. Now the big surprise is Bobby Moynihan from Saturday Night Live and the new CBS show Me, Myself & I will host this competition. He’s a superfan and you can tell by the diary rooms. His diary rooms are not only the highlight of this episode but the whole season. He’s just doing impressions of everyone and giving his honest opinions like how everyone is dumb for keeping Paul in the house. They go outside for a memory competition which involves a pattern of being punched, slapped, and kicked. It becomes a tight race between Alex and Paul so it goes to a tie. Paul gets it right and wins the Power of Veto. Can we just have Bobby Moynihan stay in the house, he gave this season an instant jolt of energy.

Seriously What’s the Deal with Paul: Paul explains that he wants to use the veto on Alex so Kevin can go up. Not that Kevin isn’t going home but the vote will end up in a tie and Jason will go home. Josh gets even more suspicious about Paul and his end game. He realizes that if Paul uses the veto on Alex, he’s getting away scot free. All of the blood will be on Christmas and Josh. Honestly, Josh and Christmas are like Jason and Alex. Jason has these instincts that are right but Alex shuts him down. Same thing with Josh who is right but Christmas shuts down any anti-Paul thoughts.

Veto Ceremony: The veto ceremony begins and Paul uses the veto on Alex. Christmas then replaces her with Kevin. Now Jason and Alex still think Kevin is going home but that isn’t the case.

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Big Brother 19 Episode 32 Recap


Previously on Big Brother: Paul had all of the three remaining pairs in the house think that he was with them. The plan is to break them up without getting blood on his hands. Jason won the Head of Household and wanted to break up the last showmance in the house, Raven, and Matthew. Paul went to Maven and told them that Kevin was the target. Ultimately Jason kept them on the block with Matthew going home.

Ready Set Throw: Now during the Thursday episode, there was a rain delay which meant the competition will be played out during this episode. This competition is called Ready Set Go. It involves the houseguests starting in the running position while touching two buttons. The monitor will say Ready Set Go and you must go to any one of your buttons across the track. However, if it doesn’t say go and you release your buttons, you’re out. Now Paul wants Jason gone this week so he goes to Alex and easily convinces her to throw the HOH because Kevin is the target. Then Paul goes to Kevin and gets him to throw. At the first round, Kevin lets go of his buttons before he sees go and is out. Alex thinks he’s an idiot to throw because Paul said so … so then she throws it in the next round because Paul said so. Soon everyone has a false start because Paul told them to. Which means Christmas, this girl in crutches, won a running HOH competition. I know I should be frustrated but seeing Paul pull all of the strings was great to watch.

Kevin the Decoy: Paul is amazed that his plan for everyone to throw the competition actually worked. He celebrates with Alex so she doesn’t get suspicious but Kevin sees it. Damage control has to be done with Kevin because he has a big mouth and would ruin everything Paul has been working for. Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Alex talks to Christmas and says she feels comfortable going up as a pawn. Alex thinks that Kevin is the target and feels safe on the block.

Dud of Temptation: Once again, the Tree of Temptation is lit up and there are still some apples left. The only one who took an apple was Mark who knew he was going home. The problem is that everyone thinks they’re safe which is insane to think about. Matthew felt confident that he was safe but now he’s on the jury. Jason and Alex think that Kevin is going home so they don’t pick an apple from the tree. Even when one of those apples is two vetoes, they still don’t pick an apple. The Tree of Temptation has been a huge dud and will probably go down as one of those twists just falls flat.

Nominations: Christmas is considering two different options on how to handle Jason and Alex. She can either make them think that they’re still pawns or just let them know that Jason is the target. At the nomination ceremony, she puts them up but says that they’re pawns this week. Both Alex and Jason feel a little uneasy about this but still thinks that Kevin is going home this week.

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Ingrid Goes West Review


It feels like the word “millennials” is more like a dirty word than describing a generation. We are criticized for a lot of things like being lazy but the most often complaint I hear is about our usage of social media. We are very connected to our social media that it feels more like social politics when navigating through the platform. Ingrid Goes West brilliantly explores these dynamics primally though people on Instagram. It’s a great dark comedy that shows us the nature of Instagram.

Directed by Matt Spicer, we follow Ingrid Thorburn (Aubrey Plaza) who recently lost her mother and is consumed by Instagram. She obsessively follows Charlotte (actress) but feels betrayed and pepper sprays her face at her wedding. Soon after, Ingrid finds a new obsession with Taylor (Elizabeth Olson) after finding an article in Elle about her Instagamous lifestyle. She takes her inheritance money and moves to the west coast so she can be Taylor’s best friend.

Aubrey Plaza is a goddamn star as Ingrid with her balancing the funny but also the tragic qualities as well. It’s fascinating how she’s obsessed with Instagram and not really getting famous but having just a friend. With some social media personalities, they often convey a sense of friendship so to take it to a Single White Female was very interesting. Regarding the satire, it was eerily scary how accurate it feels watching this movie because it’s so ridiculous seeing all the aspects of not just Instagram but their life as well.

Constantly scrolling through and liking every post, vague hashtags, and even avocado toast. There’s so much more than Matt Spicer gets so right including how Taylor’s husband is an artist by adding hashtags. This seems so ridiculous but it’s eerily true with some people. It really gets the notion of an “Instagram star”, a person with a ton of photos and conveying a glamorous star.

Speaking of stars, the breakout star is O’Shea Jackson Jr as Dan. He just conveys a sense of coolness with his character. Dan is the landlord for Ingrid and they start to develop a close relationship. They give us my favorite scene when they’re out on a date and talk about their backstory. Dan is so heartwarming as he talks about how Batman really influenced his life. If you looked at it on paper, Dan really shouldn’t be together with Ingrid. However, their chemistry is so good that you do root for them throughout the movie.

The one criticism I have is the ending. Without giving spoilers, it appeared the movie was ending at one point as it faded to black. Instantly I thought it was very powerful to see and left me stunned. Then the real ending happened and while it wasn’t bad, the ending I thought was going to happen was much more powerful. It would have been really dark but constant with the tone.

While the ending let me down a bit, that shouldn’t stop you from seeing Ingrid Goes West. It’s such a great satire on Instagram that will really hold up the test of time. Boasting some great performances from Aubrey Plaza, Elizabeth Olson, and O’Shea Jackson Jr, Ingrid Goes West is a must see film.

Grade: B+

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Big Brother 19 Week 9 Cast Rankings


Welcome to my power rankings of Big Brother 19 where I rank the houseguests on how well they did and their place in the future. Keep in mind this isn’t based on who I like personally but strictly game based.


8. Matthew

He’s not only the most disappointing houseguest all season but probably in the history of the show. This guy has done nothing but a puppet for Paul. Matthew thinks that he has to support his team by constantly being on the block but Big Brother isn’t a game. To top it off, breaking the Have-Not rules is very disrespectful. Good riddance to bad garbage.


7. Jason

His biggest mistake was not throwing the HOH to Alex. She would have been the more aggressive one and taken most of the heat. Now Maven is pissed at him and his allies didn’t even help him during the fight. Unless he can win the veto, Jason will be going home next week.


6. Alex

Her biggest flaw this week was the unnecessary hinky vote towards Matthew. The plan was just for Jason to vote but something switched in her head and she cast a vote for Matthew. Knowing the mob mentality from this season, that’s what the house will blame her for. Unless she can win the HOH, she’s in trouble. Also if Jason wins the veto, she’ll be going home.


5. Kevin

I wish Kevin can do the strategy he told us a couple of weeks ago. He did the social game, now make some moves. This whole week, he’s just been pushed around by other players but hasn’t done anything. Paul will probably keep him around because of competitions.


4. Raven

If Paul or anyone else doesn’t take Raven to the final two, it’s a dumb move. She’s just so useless and didn’t even try to save herself or Matthew. At least she got to raise awareness for one of her many different diseases this week.


3. Christmas

Nothing really happened with Christmas this week. All of the drama happened with Maven, Alex, Jason, and Kevin. She still doesn’t have a good chance to win, even against Josh.


2. Josh

Oh, we got to see the old Josh back again to fight with Kevin. While I still believe he can actually be the dark house of the season, it’s not the best odds. Kevin is pissed at him and if he continues to fight with other people, it will definitely lose him some jury votes.


1. Paul

While it’s sometimes tough to rank some of these houseguests, Paul is a sure fire bet for the number one spot. His plan to successfully make the pairs fight with each other is working out pretty good so far. There’s no question that he’s the favorite to win this season.


Good Time Review


I feel everyone should look at their schedule and please cancel all your plans for tonight. The one thing you should do is to see the movie, Good Time. This movie has been getting some buzz around the independent film circle and got selected to compete for the Palme d’Or (the main award) at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival. Unfortunately, this movie is independent which means it’s tougher to see in some cities. It was a hassle trying to find a screening of this especially now since (in my area), the movie is now down to one showing a night. However, if you get a chance to see it, Good Time is definitely one of the best films this year so far.

Directed by Joshua Safdie and Ben Safdie, Good Time is about Connie Nikas (Robert Patterson) who takes care of his mentally handicapped brother (Ben Safdie). Connie convinces him to rob a bank so they can run off together. Unfortunately, his brother gets caught and put in jail. The only way to get him out is if Connie can get $10,000 dollars by the end of the night.

The way that the Safdie brothers shot New York City was beautiful to watch because it wasn’t too gritty nor glamorized. It’s very realistic with the shots of New York but then the neon color palate really helped the scenes pop out. The beautiful reds and blue with the orange coming from the streetlight was stunning to see. Also, the effective use of aerial shots was great for not only the city but how some sequences reflected on the tone. The whole tone was an action thriller but also some slow bits to help pace the movie. For the aerial shots, a recurring one is when Connie is driving and we see a helicopter like perspective. Whenever the car is in tight view as Connie desperately drives to save his brother which helps space out the movie. We get some moments of the beautiful city but as soon as the car is driving, it shifts to be a race against time.

The car is in tight view as Connie desperately drives to save his brother which helps space out the experience. Speaking of, the pacing was great as the film unfolds over just one day. While there are some heart pounding scenes like the bank robbery, there are some quiet scenes that balance it out. It would have been too exhausting if it was Connie running around but even he gets to sit down and take a breather.

Just like the tone, the score knows what it’s doing. Done by Oneohtrix Point Never, the music really helps elevate everything in the movie. Each track either helps the mood by relaxing us or making us insanely tense with Connie. The whole score is conducted by using electronic instruments which I thought would have been a little gimmicky. Yet it’s done so well that I’m considering buying the album when it comes out.

Now if you’re hesitant about seeing Good Times because of Robert Patterson, you should drop those expectations. He was known for being in Twilight but now that’s over and done. This makes Robert Patterson a true star as he doesn’t act as Connie but becomes him when you’re watching the movie. He really makes us feel that desperation stemming from saving his brother. This stems from the great chemistry between Connie and his brother. If that relationship didn’t work then this movie would fall apart.

As the movie progresses, we get to see how horrible Connie gets but it’s understandable. It’s interesting to see how far he’ll go to save his brother because he’s such a good con man. It’s like he has a plan after plan even know it doesn’t work out, it keeps the audience more curious as uses people like pawns on a chess board. Granted he’s doing horrible things to everyone (you can even argue that Connie shouldn’t be with his brother) but he’s still likable because of his motivations. He will backstab and manipulate everyone in his way to make sure his brother’s safety. It doesn’t make Connie a true villain but you can make the case that he’s a great recent cinema,

So please, cancel your plans and go to the nearest theatre to see Good Time. Not only is it beautifully shot but it has Robert Patterson best performance of his career so far. Everything quality about this movie should be highlighted from the tone to the wonderful score. Now while you get some movie tickets ready, I’ll be trying to find that album.

Grade: A

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